Richmond, Virginia
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Good afternoon my name is Ashley Griego and I recently bought a living room sectional and area rug from Rooms to Go. This was my first time purchasing anything from this company and I only did because my mother whom has bought all of her furniture here, referred me to Rooms to Go. I paid for the delivery and had a terrible experience that needs to be shared and dealt with.

My delivery was on 19 Feb between 2-6. When the gentlemen arrived at 530pm there was no question that they were ready to be done for the day however I remained patient with their unfriendly attitude. The first few pieces seemed easy for them to bring in however by the second trip I heard a lot of noise in the hallway (we live in apartments) and when I walked out it was one of the delivery men dragged the couch down the hallway. I understand that the furniture is wrapped to a limit however I don't understand how dragging the furniture down the hallway as a means for delivery after I paid all extra delivery fees is a sufficient way to move $2500 worth of furniture. The final couch was too big for the service elevator so the gentlemen had to carry it up the stairs. After my husband and I patiently waited for the men to have no more excuses to why they couldn't take the couch up the stairs, they finally began moving when they realized we weren't going to budge. I could no longer watch the men carelessly carry my furniture so I don't know how bad carrying the furniture up the stairs went but I did take pictures of my furniture after (below). I also rolled the area rug out to find that the product was already falling apart.

The overall experience and quality of this company was extremely disappointing. This problem needs to be dealt with and I will continue to push it until it is resolved.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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