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My husband and i were approved for $3500.00 with the Rooms To Go Credit Card through GE Money Bank. When we decide to purchase the furniture we chose, they tell us our total was $3528.50 but we could only finance $2800.00 of it on the credit card b/c of the economic standings!

why get approved for a credit card if you cant finance the whole amount?! plus we were told we had to put 20% DOWN!!! but if you read in their ad it says that there are no Minimum purchase and NO DOWN PAYMENT!

only tax and delivery needed to be paid!!! Dont fall for their scam!

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DONT TRUST IN ROOMS TO GO CREDIT!!! I was approved in Rooms to go for the Synchrony credit card.

($5.400) Suppose i had to pay in 12 months but that was a liar.

They are thieves..they charge me the full debt in one month.. That created several problems with my bank


i open a account with room to go and they give me a credit card for $1,000,so i got my first hard credit impact,my credit drop 12 points, a call them to check if they could give me more credit to buy a bed set, they told me NO, so i wait 6 more month and chec my credit and it was good (729) , so i call again and ask for more credit and again they told me NO, so again i have another hard impact in my credit and my score drop another 12 points, i was desapointed because why they cant give me more credit, so i call walmart and ask for more credit to my credit card and they give me $2,000 more credit for a total of $3,800.00 andf call home depot and they give me $1,000 more credit for a total of $5,000.00, so my credit was good, i wait 6 more month and call again, and they told NO, so i got another hard impact in my score, 40 days later, i receive a email from my account with EXPERIAN, that my score drop 24 more point,when i check,my ROOM TO GO credit card was cancel and have a note "request by user" i call to room to go customer service and take to this guy, and only told me that yes the credit card was cancel by them and if i want another i have to applied again, my credit score drop 48 points and now is FAIR not GOOD as before, so i ask for a supervisor, and for my desapointment, was very bad, only told me we sorry, i ask how they cancel my credit without notice, and hi told me that they can do it, he told me we send you a letter, i told him that i never receive that letter, he check the computer and told me that yes they NEVER send that letter and that his sorry, and if i have another question and just hang up the phone, now me credit drop 48 point for 2 years and them 24 point for 5 years because they do what ever they want, WILL YOU APPLIED FOR THIS CREDIT CARD... i will never buy from them, i got credit cards from sams club, walmart, home depot, sears and never have problem in 26 years....


I have to say Rooms To Go Credit card created by TD Bank they are the worst Bank ever, They will charge a late fee on a day and they don't even care. I always send my payment on the 1 or 2 of every month the bill due on the 12th, but I been seeing the payment post a day later and they charge the fee a day earlier.

I am going to check with the business bureau about this because it doesn't make since and it is a ripoff... I won't recommend this bank to my enemy...



My experience with Rooms to go GE has been awful. I don't understand how RTG sends their customers to such irresponsible credit organization.

I'm a loyal RTG customer but I recently had my first experience with GE and I don't recommend GE credit option to anybody.


what a shame rooms to go !!!! I am a customer with good credit and y'all asked me for 20% down...seriously this is ridiculous I saw many people leaving the store for the same reason!


I know that is what happened to me and I have their credit card


5 year interest free requires 20% down. Says so in the same fine print. Tax and delivery only for 3 years interest free


We had no issues, applied for credit on line, received a confirmation of 4000.00. Went to the the store, picked our furniture totaling 2700.00, paid 300.00 and we are expecting delivery in 3 days.

@Leslie Musselwhite

Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. We hope that you keep us updated on your pending delivery! Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance!


I got an $8,000 limit & only had to pay the tax & delivery fee cash or other credit when I bought some furniture.. Of course I wasn't going to spent $8,000!

the quality of furniture is not the best... but hey what can you expect for $2,000 for a 6 piece leather living room set + an HDTV - Its good enough for me bc I have a husband & 2 kids that are rough & tough. Over all an ok company. As far as the credit is concerned, pay your bill & you won't get charged the interest.

But if your credit is on the line, why would you trust it to someone else to make your automatic payment. Set them up early so you can make sure they are paid on time

I do NOT like the online bill option, it never seems to work at night..hummm


@Mike Ray 35 years and only a 785? Wow that sucks a big one. :grin


I have pretty good credit and a pretty high limit on my RTG card, but I too had to pay the tax PLUS 20%.


I don't like the card - or the store service for that matter. We made them deliver 3 different desks until they did it right WITHOUT DAMAGE.

But if you can't even put 20% down on your furniture, you probably shouldn't be purchasing it. Oh yeah, and they raised my credit after 3 payments of 3 times the minimum but I have 6 months interest free so.....


Actually you only put down 20% which is the tax and deliveray. I know because I just purchased a living room set and a bunkbed for my kids. I was approved for 3200 and only put down the tax and the delivary nothing else.


Worst card I never should have had


We purchased 8000 worth of furniture for our business and were asked if we would like to set up automatic deductions from our bus acct. Since both partners travel all of the time we agreed.

Everything went well until this June when evidently GE bought accts from Citifin who handles Rooms to Go they did not make the deduction as scheduled when I called citi fin I was told not to worry it would be done. today I received a call from a very nasty lady saying our acct was in arrears and we were in collection, etc etc.

I asked her why it was not deducted from our acct and she said they don't do that and I would have to pay her NOW on the phone and call in payments from now on. What the *** is going on with these people.


@Mike Ray if there credit was so terrible than they wouldn't have been able to get a credit card in the first place


Nice attitude MIke R. ***


im interested into apply for credit card


I've got a feeling it's because your credit sucks......I was approved....made a couple of payments and they begged me to buy more....increased my balance.....of course, my credit score is 785......maybe yours sucks and they know you're a risk......don't blame them...take responsibility and pay your bills on time...ALL of them....I've never been late on ANY bills for 35 years