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Two years ago I bought a leather bonded sleeper sofa from Rooms to Go. Since then the leather gradually began to strip off the sofa.

In early July I went to Rooms to Go with pictures of the stripped leather and they told me they no longer carry leather bonded sofas because of this very issue and exchanged my sofa for a new leather sleeper sofa. I exchanged the new sofa on July 8 but they did not have any in stock and therefore had to deliver it on Sept. 6. On Sept.

6. they delivered a damaged sofa, which of course we did not accept. I was ok with this and made arrangements for a new delivery date and asked only that it be delivered prior to Oct. 1 because we have a guests coming to stay with us that need the sleeper sofa.

Today Rooms to Go delivered the sofa and in exchange were to take my old one, yet once in my apartment I noticed the fabric on the new sofa was not leather and therefore not the one I ordered. The delivery men at this time had my old sofa in the hallway of my building. When I noticed they had delivered the wrong one I asked them to please give me back my sofa and take the one I did not order. The delivery men refused and while I was on the phone with customer service took off with my sofa leaving me with one I did not order, still wrapped and in the middle of my living room along with the cushions from my old sofa.

When I spoke to Rooms to Go customer service they said that the truck was no longer in the area and could not return my old sofa and that I will need to wait until after Oct. 9 to get the one I ordered. Really, this is customer service? It's better to inconvenience me than inconvenience the delivery guys and just let them bail?

The sofa was in my hallway, which means they took it down a flight of stairs, down an alley way and into their truck instead of putting it back in my apartment. Rooms to Go’s solution is to just take what was left for now, which was left wrapped so I have no idea if it’s even sleeper sofa for my upcoming guests. This is one of worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had. I feel like Rooms to Go gave me a big “F” you, not just in how they delivered the furniture but in their solution as well.

This is not the first time I've had an issue with delivery. The first time they delivered this sofa two years ago it took them 3 times, as they damaged the first one, the second time the delivery guys refused to go up a flight of stairs and then finally delivered on the 3rd time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I bought a sofa, love seat, and chair and ottoman about 18yrs ago still in good shape ,I would say this has held up very well,I would buy again


Most people are aware that Rooms to go does not carry quality furniture. Their products are fine for your "starter home", but as you improve upon your living conditions/environment, you should also improve your furniture quality


This is certainly not the experience we ever expect our customers to go through! Please send us an email with your order info to TellUs@RoomsToGo.com so we can look further into this for you!


Don’t waste your time with rooms to go. If it’s not covered under warranty they won’t help. I’ve had one of the Cindy Crawford sofa bed for less than 2 years and the have already compressed to the point of sagging.