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I bought two leather sofas from rooms to go Pembroke Pines, Florida show room costing $2300.00 including protection. I was told that delivery will be in 3 days and you have to be at home.

I had to take a day off since I was told that delivery can be between 11 to 3. I took off and stayed home. Sofas were delivered at 1 PM. The sad part one of them was grey which I ordered and second one was red (rather than delivering both grey).

I informed the delivery driver and he advised to call customer service. I called customer service and I was told that second one will be delivered next day. I raised my concern that I have to take one more day off since RTG was not sure about the delivery time but again 11 to 3 PM. Next day, the sofa was delivered around same time.

I called RTG customer service and explained them situation and requested to compensate by removing delivery charges and warranty (approx $220.00) since I lost 2 days work. They give me $50 off for my two days out of work which one days was due to their negligence. How would I give a good rating to my friends and colleagues if such a company gives bad experience. One of my friends told me he had similar experience with City furniture and they were kind enough to compensate by giving him $300 off on the total price.

I felt bad when I was treated differently by RTG.

Most of my friends and family buy stuff from RTG. how can we rely on RTG if this is the customer service they are providing.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Rooms To Go Pros: Ease of ordering.

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