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When I tried to schedule a delivery of my daughther's bedroom set, I was told that it would take 8 days. I was given quite a large delivery window for that date. The rep told me that they could call 1 hour ahead to ensure that someone would be home to receive the set. They never called and just showed up, but lied about calling us.

We rescheduled for the next opening which was another week out. The bed was delivered with a huge crack in the headboard. I called the company and they said they would send out a rep to examine it and "decide" if it could be "fixed" or replaced. Two weeks later they we go through the same scheduling issue again.

The phone reps were always rude and dismissive when we called. I spoke with management to complain about the service and delivery procedures and I quickly found out that *** really does roll downhill. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

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Haha i deliver for them you customers are all the same

*** *** ***. Headboard probably cracked cause of packing.

We dont call cause were busy or were around the corner.

And your scheduling dont mean *** , it comes on pre determined trailers

With an area route. Stop ur flip and get over it

@Johnny katz

So you're saying the customer is in the wrong for paying thousands of dollars for something and then complaining when it arrives damaged? The world we live in where you expected things to arrive as you bought them. Kill yourself.

@Johnny katz

Wow you should definitely be fired, you *** face


They showed up 45 minutes later than the given window. What's funny is that they called to say they were on their way and would be there no later than an hour.

It look them an hour and 45 from that point. No apology, just one broken piece that I now have to reschedule for delivery and dirty floors. Biggest waste of money.

I should've rented a van and done it myself. At least it would have been done right.


To the person called, "Loving Rooms 2 Go" which can only be attributed to being an employee of the place, I did read my contract and it said nothing about blatant lies, rudeness or incompetentcy. So how does your employer explain that? After all, if you read my complaint it goes much deeper than the scheduling issue!


Rooms to go delivery is yet to be desired. Delivery could be at any time between 8 am and 5 pm, they brought the bed and did not put the screws in the slats to hold the bed together, had to call again to have the screws put in because if I did it myself and cracked the slats, the warrantee would be voided.

I also bought some furniture from Case and Cushion and the delivery was not to be believed! I was given a window, and then before the delivery they called and told me approximatly what time they would be there. The delivery personell was very courtious, helped me put the matress one the bed frame I bought from them, the matress I did not, and wore footies to keep the carpet from getting dirty, and even used a vacuum to sweep up after themselves.

Do not go to rooms to go, go to case and cushion. The customer service is not to be beleived.


There is a wonderful thing called a contract and must people dont read it ! it clearly states that time frames are a courtesy not a guarantee !

Things do occur and in the box it does say tf can be from 7am to 10 pm ! Read before you complain

@Loving RoomsToGO

So, what about the ones who dont get their delivery at all?

My delivery people strung me along all day stating theyd be out in an hour, just to call me at 10 and say they cant make it out but theyll try to tommorrow.

The time frames arent a concern for me really. But being told the truth up front is.

Ive got kids and my own schedule that I had to move around, and now I have another day that im going to have to do the same. If they had told me from the beginning, at 7 am this morning when they first called "hey lady, it just isnt gonna happen today" it would have saved me a lot of time.


I have sat here all day waiting on these clowns, I was left many messages telling me my appointment was Nov 17th from 7 to 10 am and I called at 10:30 and 11:30 for the clown on the other end of the phone to tell me that 7 to 10 am actually means 11am to 3pm because it means all day delivery. That makes no sense at all.

I did get my table at 1:30pm. Waste of a whole day!!!


i've been waiting for 4 hours.... I'll keep ya updated


for deliveries outside the ordinary give me a call for experience delivery


I have been sitting in my apartment for 6 hours waiting for their second delivery SINCE THEY DELIVERED MY FURNITURE WRONG THE FIRST TIME.



A similar thing happened to us. They said it would be 2 weeks before they could deliver and that they would call us later with a window of time for delivery.

When they finally gave us the 4 hour window of time, I rearranged my schedule to be home at that point. The day before they were supposed to show up, they switched the time frame around and said it was because the drivers could not fit my stuff on that truck.

When I expressed concern that I had to be at work during this new time frame, they said that I could put in a request for the driver call me when he was headed to my place, however, there was no guarantee the driver would call.

The "delivery the next day" thing is just a sales pitch they use to get you to buy the furniture. They do not stand behind this whatsoever and it is a NIGHTMARE of inconvenience to the customer in order to even get the furniture delivered at all.