West Palm Beach, Florida
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Rooms to go sucks. My delivery was unsatisfactory, unprofessional and careless.

One of my end tables was broken along with my dining room set bench.

I called customer service and they gave me the run around. I will Never shop at rooms to go again.

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I just order a sleeper sofa from Rooms to Go. The couch was perfect, but it did not come with legs.

The delivery person call dispatch and informed them of the missing part. The dispatcher instructed to driver to make note on the delivery slip and have me call the Customer Service to request express delivery for the missing legs. I did as instructed and was told that it would take 5-10 business days. Unacceptable was my response.

By out of town guest were due to arrive the following Tuesday. I call the dispatch number the scheduled the delivery date and sent me to new Customer Service agent was told the legs could be delivered express. When the CSR called back to give me the tracking number i was told that the item would be delivered within two days. I start tracking the USPS number and receive a text that the delivery is due 7 days later.

Livid that they lied to me i call Rooms to Go and demand a refund for the delivery fee. They the toss me back and fourth between Online Order Customer Service and General Customer Service department each complaining they cannot authorize a refund for delivery.

i have not given up on getting my delivery fee refund. This was first and last experience purchasing items from Rooms to Go.

My recommendation don't purchase from this company!