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I purchased an entire package, sleeper sofa, chair, side table, ottoman, lamp, and t.v. console. The items were delivered May 20, 2016 and the delivery men put *** on the side of my couch and completely tore up the walls in the process. I called customer service and they offered to replace the couch. I waited 2 weeks with a 4 hour window time for the second couch and while inspecting the couch I noticed a huge gash on the back. Once again I called customer service and of course they offered to send a tech to inspect the couch for repair. I explained that on the date  (June 9, 2016) I needed an evening appointment due to the fact that I work until 4:00 and I have already been inconvenienced. The rep made a note of this but when I received my appointment time it stated 10-2, this is all day and not an evening appointment. I called customer service and was told to choose a Saturday. I already spent all day Saturday waiting on the first replacement; no one wants to spend every Saturday doing this especially since it is the fault of Rooms To Go and not mine. I was told an evening appointment could not be guaranteed. I have dealt with several companies and they were able to guarantee an evening appointment, but Rooms To Go cannot?  I am aware that I have to receive a “window” time.  I am simply asking that I be able to receive the last window appointment time so I wouldn’t have to miss an entire day of work.  This is the second time I have needed the same sleeper sofa replaced, and I cannot be accommodated. I asked if I could speak with someone to make a complaint and was rudely told no one was available and she would make a note. Apparently making notes mean nothing.  I went into the store, Village of Sandhill 220 Forum Drive Columbia SC 29229, where I purchased my furniture.  I said that my issue was not with the store but I simply need information for which I can file a complaint about my delivery issues and appointment time. Ken, the manager, constantly spoke down to me.  He rudely stated over and over that he was trying to help me and gave me the same rehearsed line of no guarantee on the delivery time and told me we all have to be inconvenienced sometimes. Yes, but this is the third delivery and two are due to the fault of the company, so why not accommodate the customer due to the inconvenience they are already being put through? I was not asking for an exact time, simply just wanted the evening window time. Again I did not ask Ken for any help in the matter, just for the information of who to file my complaint. Therefore rudely insisting he was trying to help was uncalled for. When I reminded him of this, he told me to call customer service.  I ended up leaving out of there more upset and more frustrated than when I went in thanks to his “help”.  At what point do they consider the aggregation this causes your customers and consider them in trying to resolve the issue? All this stress because I chose to shop with Rooms To Go. It is starting to seem they do not value your customers. It is impossible to talk to anyone about my complaint. Customer service and the people in the store give you the run around. I have never regretted a purchase this much. I have seen thousands of unresolved complaints to this company with very similar issues while researching how to resolve my issue. Please note that I am in the process of resolving my issue with the damage to my walls, at least at the moment. Let's see how this ends. 

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately our technicians work an average work day from about 8-4.

This is the reason we are unable to guarantee evening appointments.

I would be happy to help schedule a date that works for you given the above info. Would you be able to send me your order info along with the above details to