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I purchased a metal "arched platform bed" from Rooms To Go here in Ft Lauderdale. Had the bed delivered 2 days later.

I noticed the first few nights the bed made alot of creaking noises...jiggled....and wobbled a bit when i got in and out of it. I inspected a few of the screws the setup guys installed and found 2 loose screws(not even halfway screwed in). Had to get the allen wrench out the setup people left for me and tighten them. Ok so I thought to myself hmmm maybe i should look at the assembly instructions and make sure this bed it put together properly.

One of the setup guys even admitted to me he hadnt put together the bed i purchsed "in a very long time" yet they didnt even unseal the setup/assembly instructions and look at them!! They handed them to me when they left and i stuck them into a drawer. But after i found those loose screws i unsealed the assembly instructions and found to my surprise they didnt install 3 support legs that screw into slats on the bottom of the bed!!!! This is obviously why my bed jiggles/wobbles a bit.

And on top of it two of the slats were installed in the wrong slots. I am soooo ticked off. I called customer service the next day and they told me they would order the support legs and overnight them and when i got them to give them a call and they would send out a service tech the fix the improper assembly. That was a week ago and i'm still waiting for the parts.

So I called back and it turns out they have to get the freaking parts from the manufacturer that happens to be located in China!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the first time i purchased from Rooms To Go. I just moved and wanted to purchase all new furniture for my apartment. I bought only the bed from Rooms To Go as a test to see how good they are.

U know what they say about first impressions. So i'm sleeping in a bed that isnt fully assembled. I swear if the bed caves in and i get hurt i'm going to sue them. 75 bucks for delivery and install and the setup guys were running around like chickens with their heads cut off acting as if they were trying to beat the clock to get the bed setup.

Then they ended up not putting everything together. Pitiful Pitiful Pitful.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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I bought a living room set, dining room set, 2 cabinets, and a bedroom set. After having to PAY IN FULL for it all, I get a call that the bed piece for the bedroom set wouldn't be available for 2 months!!

You would think they would tell you this before you PAID IN FULL. 2 months later they deliver the bed only to be the wrong headboard. Then anothe week and half to replace the wrong picec. Then they come with the correct headboard but it has 2 left posts instead of a left and right post.

Now I have to wait another week and a half for another replacement. You would think that after spending a decent amount of money with them that they could send a person in a van or a car with the correct piece either the same day or the next day instead of these long waits because of their ineptitude. I am the sucker and will never buy anything form them again and advise anyone of thinking of buying form them to steer clear, it isn't worth saving a few dollars for months of frustration. And BTW the sales rep didn't do squat to help.

But why should he, it was paid for and he has already spent his commissions! Stay away from this company at all costs!!


Well i finally got the missing support legs in the mail yesterday unfortunately Rooms to Go sent me 3 support legs all of the same length. There is supposed to be 1 short leg (that screws into the middle slat) and 2 longer legs that screw into the slat that is second from the end.

They sent me all short support legs so when u try to screw them into the slat where the longer legs are supposed to go not only do they not screw in but they dont even reach the floor. David i sent an email describing this to that email address u gave me. I NEED TWO LONGER SUPPORT LEGS. When i placed the order for the support legs last week the rep told me there wasnt a place for the part numbers for the two different legs just a place to order "support legs".

That should be changed. Either put a number 14 for short leg and 15 for the two longer legs (which is in the bed assembly manual) or change the description in your computer system to short support leg and long support legs.


Should i just copy and paste the complain i put on here and send it to that address so they know the full story?


The email address provided below is to a designated staff to assist customers found on online in situations as such.


David, do u have a direct email instead of giving me a general email that might not get to u?


I’m really sorry about the issues that you are having with your new bed. If you want to email us the order details at, we would like to look further into your account to see if there is anything that we may be able to further assist you with