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I was given a delivery date from my sales person. I was contacted by customer service which gave me another date that was not going to work for me.

I was given a date and time. I made it clear what time would work. Customer service said it would not be a problem. Well, the delivery person called me 4 hours earlier than my designated time.

They had an attitude. They damaged my walls. The guy put the legs of my couch on incorrectly and caused damage. I had to request a new couch and night stand.

One of the guys seemed bitter and angry. Someone you would not want around. There was five people in my house when the two guys was there and all stated the same thing. I wanted them out quickly and peacefully.

I called for 2 weeks getting the run around.

I was given the name of the person in the claims department she told me to send her pictures. I did so. She stated she needed to speak to the guys. The guys called me and asked if they could come back to my house to see the damage.

Like I stated I stay clear of people with an angry, bitter attitude. I do not need that type of energy in my home. I left her messages she did not respond. I spent over $3,500.

I waited 3 additional months for my chair.

When I spoke with customer service I was told that this is very common. Spending my money at Rooms to go was not worth it.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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That's bull *** David Johnson....they ruined my floors and walls when they delivered to my house!


I’m not sure who you spoke with, but I can assure you that this is not common by any standards as the majority of our deliveries are completed as scheduled and in showroom condition. If you can send us an email with the details along with the order information to tellus@roomstogo.com, we’d love to have the chance to take a better look into the situation to see what can be done to get this taken care of for you!