Atlanta, Georgia
Not resolved

I have just bought a living room set and dining room set... i am on the 4th delivery of the dinning room table, every one they have sent out has been damaged.

I called customer service and they dont give a ***... They told me they would give me $100 off of the $1000 set to keep yhe damaged table...or i could drive a hr away to pick another set because now they supposedly discontinued that set... first off im not excepting a $100 to settle for *** craftsmanship, second why should i have to drive 2 hrs round trip to find another set that im not gonna be happy with.... just come pick it up and give me all my money back...

i will not ever buy from them again... i will also be posting over and over again on social media how *** they are to deal with.....

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Ouch! so sorry to hear this!

I really hope I don't end up with the same type of situation! Had damaged furniture delivered yesterday, and replacements are supposed to arrive next week. Have purchased from them in the past, and had similar issues with delivery of broken/damaged furniture. Luckily, this time I am waiting a week.

I hope your situation gets resolved to your satisfaction. Good luck!


I'm really sorry to hear about this. Would you be able to send us the details and your order info to