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On September 2nd I made the mistake of going into the Lakeline Rooms to Go store in Austin TX to purchase furniture for a loft I recently moved into. I purchased a living room package, a media console, a dining room set and a mattress set with frame. I purchased all these items with the agreement from the sales associate and manager at the store that my delivery would be expressed delivered Saturday September 4th due to the mattress and I do not have a bed to sleep on. Unfortunately with express delivery service if something is expressed they refuse to tell you approximately what time they will arrive- just told me it would be between 7am to 10pm at night and I would have to wait until they get there. So I sat in my bare loft from 6:45am to 4:00pm that Saturday until the delivery service finally arrived. When they arrived I met them downstairs to let them up. First thing the delivery person stated is we have a problem- they didn't load your mattress on our truck it got loaded by mistake on another truck (they knew this the whole time but failed to notify me prior to arriving). Resolution- NONE- nothing we can do about it, stated I need to call customer service on Tuesday September 7th since Monday was a Holiday. Another problem the delivery person stated he had is he refused to walk my furniture up to the fourth floor if it doesn't fit in the elevator- it's against their policy to go up past three flights of stairs- but he did offer to leave the furniture in the parking lot- are you kidding me!!! I paid well over $200 dollars for delivery of my furniture and this is how you treat a customer who just spent over $3000 dollars in your store! I begged them to please take the furniture upstairs for me as I provided what floor I was on when ordering my furniture and this policy was NEVER mentioned to me. After 30 minutes of arguing and asking him to get his manager on the phone he finally agreed to bring my furniture up- minus the mattress set of course. I called customer service first thing Tuesday Sept 7th to find out where my mattress is and have it delivered ASAP. Here is the response I got from what is supposed to me great customer service (this is after they spent all day trying to figure out what happened to my mattress set)- I'm sorry for the inconvenience but we can have that delivered on Sept 14th"- 10 days after the original scheduled delivery date - Seriously that's acceptable with Rooms to Go company? Rooms to Go messes up the delivery and the customer has to suffer as a result??! So I reluctantly agreed as I had no other choice. Today I call to confirm my mattress delivery for tomorrow and get on the phone with Ebony in the customer service dept. Ebony proceeds to tell me that she shows no delivery set up for Tuesday the 14th for my mattress set-needless to say I was pretty mad. I asked to speak to her manager and she proceeds to tell me this isn't her problem and argues with me- again fabulous service!! Finally Vicky a supervisor gets on the phone and tells me they don't know what happened again- but she'll see what she can do. Vicki calls me back and says she'll put me on an express delivery for the 14th but I'll have to wait ALL DAY again because it is express and they can't call me before they come with a time frame- -seriously!

I am beyond disappointed and digusted with Rooms to Go store, service, and experience. This has been an absolute nightmare to deal with. I understand that mistakes happen but the process should be to fix it immediately for the customer- instead your process is the customer has to wait until it is convenient for Rooms to Go to get back out to the customer. I have been without a bed sleeping on a couch since September 4th because Rooms to Go can't seem to get it right. Here's a question- Express delivery, a customer has to wait from 7am to 10pm for their furniture. My delivery was Sept 4th at 4pm- they knew my mattress was on another truck in San Antonio, so why couldn't they come by that day to deliver it to me- they had plenty of time till the 10pm cut off- I guess it's because it wasn't convenient for the drivers- but who cares about the customer, right?

I have never experienced such dissatisfaction with anyone like I have with Room to Go. I can never see myself purchasing from Rooms to Go again and can never see myself recommending Rooms to Go to anyone as I would not want them to go through what I have been going through since I purchased from their store. In the process of trying to locate some Rooms to Go Executive team email address, I came across a Rooms to Go hate page- WOW! it must be pretty bad for someone to create a Room to Go hate page! I guess I'm not the only customer receiving this type of service. Rooms to Go might want to work on their policy of complete satisfaction for the customer- it seems it's failing miserably. They need to revisit how their delivery service works and most importantly train what's supposed to be the customer service staff on how to actually fix a problem that helps the customer.

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they are crooks, thru and thru, they lie,cheat, and will steal from you. Hidden charges, tricky statements,*** quality, lousy customer service...over 800 complaints online......steer clear of these jerks!


Hey David - if you're so sorry about the problems this customer experienced, how about actually taking the steps to help make it right instead of saying to email ya'll? It's obvious to me that this person did just that.

Perhaps some major policy changes are in order? This is a *** way to treat a customr who just spent a lot of money in your store.


I'm really sorry to hear about the problems that you experienced with your delivery and while contacting our customer care office! If possible, please email us your order details to and we would be more than happy to look further into your concerns.