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I wanted to voice my discontent with rooms-to-go (rtg).

The misadventure began during rtg's Labor Day blowout sale where I made the dire mistake of purchasing a bedroom furniture set. My experience on the showroom floor was that of cattle being led to the slaughter. The rtg sales rep who managed me through the process was more concerned with the pace of the transaction rather than my experience or satisfaction. In his haste, he failed to verify my zip code against the "˜systems somewhat auto-completing address generator' – my paraphrase of the store's general manager. [Good news though – according to the supervising store assistant assistant general manager the system should be updated very soon to avoid future mistakes of this nature] This minor mistake led to two failed furniture deliveries and my utter disgust with the rtg business model. In their model, the customer is a malleable resource who can be bounced around between rtg's delivery, customer service and retail departments.

Delivery: Furniture delivery is not a guarantee, rather a luxury that only a select few rtg customers will successfully experience. When you sign up for a 4 hour time window on a specific date just know that this is not when your furniture will be delivered. This is but a mere guess. Actual furniture deliver can take an additional 8 – 9 hours beyond your delivery date. During this 12-13 hour time window most people refer to as a full day, you should remain hostage at your house less rtg shows up when you are not there and makes you reschedule your delivery through their wonderful 1-800 number. The question I posed to the 5th customer service agent I talked to, "What's the point of the window if that is not your policy?" Her response – "˜Our policy is all day delivery… the 4 hour window is an estimate'. Again, what's the point then? Below is a synopsis of what you could experience on a typical delivery:

Delivery date/time: Saturday (your only day off from work) between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

10:30 am - Call from rtg warehouse asking where your house is? At this time you ask if the furniture is on its way and the dispatcher will respond with the standard lie 30 minutes to an hour.

12:30 pm – Your furniture hasn't been delivered. You call the warehouse but don't get an answer. Come to find out you can't call the warehouse directly. You must call customer service at 1-800-IDONTCAREABOUTCUSTOMERS. The customer service agent you talk to puts you on hold for 1 minute and then responds with the standard – "Furniture is on its way, 30 minutes to an hour."

2:05 – Still no furniture. Your temper is starting to flare. You call customer service again and they calm you down with the promise that the furniture is in route, should be there in any minute.

2:48 – No furniture. You call customer service for a 3rd time noticing that you never receive any communications from rtg on the status of your furniture. You wonder how rtg has any customers with the kind of experience you have had so far. You communicate your disdain to the rtg customer service agent who sympathizes but offers no real solution. You are now informed that the furniture will be delivered today but no estimate on the time. At this point you ask to talk to a manager but none are working through the weekend. You ask that a manager calls you first thing Monday morning to resolve this issue. Later you will find out your request was not logged and no one will call you to resolve this issue. Once again it is up to you, the customer to follow up.

5:30 – No furniture. You call rtg customer service and now there is no answer. You are fuming at this point. You call the store from which you bought the furniture to get an explanation of what the heck is going on. There you are connected with the supervising store assistant assistant general manager (high high ranking official in the rtg world). Mr. manager is here to help you out and gets to solving your problem. Puts you on hold for 5 minutes and tells you sorry for the inconvenience but your furniture will be delivered after the driver's last stop. He can't offer you a better window than sometime that night between 5 pm and 10 pm. You flip over backwards in excitement! Only 5 more hours of forced captivity and the furniture you paid $3000+ will possibly be in your bedroom! At this point you are delirious from the terrific service you have received at rtg and wish to tell the store's general manager how great your experience has been. Your account is flagged for a call from the store's gm tonight. Once again, you will find out later your request was a tactic to get you off the phone and defer the problem. Six times over now you, the customer(?), will have to follow up on the issue.

8:00 – You receive a call from the rtg delivery driver who has terrible reception or doesn't speak English. You are not sure what he said but through the mumble jumble you decipher that your furniture is in the general vicinity and will be there any moment.

8:30 - no furniture and you currently hate rtg. In your depressed state you leave for a quick dinner. Comfort food is the only thing to remedy this situation.

8:32 – en route to dinner you get a phone call from rtg dispatch saying the driver is waiting please return home. You wonder if they were watching your house, waiting for the exact moment that you left to call you to return. It has sort of a big-brother *** feeling. You decide that you have waited 8 hours on top of the 4 hour time window, rtg can certainly wait 8 minutes while you place your fast food order. It takes the reputable fast food chain all of 3 minutes to return your gourmet dinner.

8:44 - call from rtg dispatch stating that their driver has waited too long and must be released please call 1-800-IDON'TCAREABOUTYOU to reschedule your furniture delivery. At this point you punch yourself in the face repeatedly for ever buying furniture from rtg in the first place.

8:55 – You see the rtg driver exiting your sub-division. In your punch drunk state you flag him down in the street and ask that he delivers our furniture tonight. Once you regain consciousness you realize you would have rather him loaded any furniture previously ordered by rtg and throw it away.

9:00 - delivery. You call the store manager to reiterate the pathetic service and absolutely horrific experience that transpired. He offers you a shoulder to cry on and $50 bucks. At which point you tell him you would rather return the furniture. But (a nice ah-ha moment here) per rtg return policy if you choose to return the furniture due to whatever circumstance you will only receive 80% of the purchase price. So by your rough calculation you just paid $600 to be held hostage at your house.

Customer Service: One guarantee during your experience at rtg – poor customer relations. The customer department will do everything it can to defer, delay, or deny compensation for considerable time loss and disrespect. Calling any venue – be it in-store customer service or the joke that is there 1-800 number – and you will get nothing resolved. No one is willing to own the responsibility for the poor customer relations. The store manager defers to the warehouse personnel, who defer to the driver, who defers to the original sales rep, who ultimately reports to the store manager. Enter the 1-800 customer service entity who does nothing more than buffer your requests to the store manager. It's the never ending wheel of deficient service.

Retail: I want to restate - You have no right to return furniture after it is delivered. Not at full price, you get 80% of what you paid for it back. This is probably one more thing my sales rep forgot to explain as he shoved me out of the way for his next customer.

Please adhere my strong recommendation and do not purchase furniture from rooms-to-go.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Yes Dave, thanks for waiving the delivery fee. I'm really pleased the additional 8 hours I waited for rtg delivery was solved so quickly.

It only took 6 phone calls with rtg customer service, 4 phone calls with the rtg showroom store, 2 emails through your website, and a post on pissedconsumer.com. Hassle free if you ask me.


Bayoucitybumbler - I can ensure you that your experience is one that was certainly out of the norm. We did receive your email concerns earlier through our office, and the issue is being addressed with the appropriate personnel to prevent such from occurring again in the future.

Smart Shopper – The fabric protection is supposed to be an optional service, and shouldn’t be pushed on to a customer in the manner you described. I’m not sure how long ago this may have happened, but if you know of the location and any names of personnel that you spoke with, please email this information to us at tellus@roomstogo.com so that we too can address this situation as well.


:upset typical rooms to go stunt .I never got that far myself.it all came to a screeeching halt when the sales person told me that i had to buy the protection plan and that if he didnt convince me to buy it,the manager would hav eto come and talk to me..needless to say I went across the street to ashley furniture and been a customer ever since..sorry about your experience though