Estero, Florida

after paying 5000 dollars for my two daughters bedroom sets . I waited for delivery ....

delivery day comes and my daughters headboard is damaged in 3 places.. customer service tells me I need to ask for redelivery and I do.

A week later ( as we are about to move into our new house) they deliver the same exact headboard. It's obvious because it is damaged in the same 3 places!!!!

Of course when you call customer service.. the manager is not in and will not be in all weekend. The sales rep on the phone has nothing nice to say and says she can't help me with my purchase anymore. I called corporate and they are always closed and have not returned my phone calls..

It's obvious once they take your money they no longer care about their customers.

never again will I use rooms to go in ft. myers fl ....

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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Ft. Myers Rooms to Goo has this pack of wild eyed salespeople waiting to pounce when you open the door.

They follow you around like your going to steal something. They have no clue what the furniture is made of.

The "I'm better than you" people in the tiny windowed cashiers office are obnoxious. On top of all of it, their furniture will last maybe a year as long as you don't use it.


You are completely correct. I called to voice my complaints over my delivery today, and was told that they were too busy dealing with customers in the store, and that I would have to either call back later or come into the store if I wanted help. I was then hung up on.


I am sorry to hear about your experience! I bought my daughters bed room set from my local rooms to go.

The mirror was broken when delivered and the gentlemen that were delivering the furniture they did not even bring it into my home because they were afraid that my daughter might touch it. (that was very impressive to me!) also the nightstand had a very minor nick on it and it was not bad but i did not like it. I was sent out a new one 5 days later free of charge! Not only did they deliver the furniture when they said they would the people delivering it were very polite and courteous!

Again i am very sorry to hear about your experience, with any company you are going to have good and bad. That in no way excuses them for acting like they did, i am just commenting to express my good fortune with the company!


True. I made my first and last purchase at Rooms To Go in Douglasville, GA in Feb.

2010. The manager was very rude and is unwilling to work with me.

Called customer service and they said once your purchase is delivered it is yours. They have no return policy, even though my sofa table is damaged.


File with the Better Business Bureau