Austin, Texas
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After loosing everything in the Bastrop fire we went to RTG & purchased a bedroom set and other furnitures.2 weeks ago I noticed a big crack on the front leg of the dresser and the side was bulging out.

They send a technician who stated it could not be fixed.On his report to RTG he stated"customer moved the dresser".I called the store manager and he told me they will take care of me.After that the Corp.Manager ask me to send some pictures. Last week he called to let me know that according to the pictures the dresser was moved by us.When I explained to him that with are both older and have not moved it since they delivered it,his response was "we have a 48 hour return policy."

We spend 5000.00 in the store and they can not even help with an item which costs 500.00.They just do not want to admit that this is a manufactures defect.What is a one year warranty for, if broken furnitures are not included. I wish I had looked at these complains first.I noticed i`m not the only one with a broken dresser. I`m afraid it might break totally when I use the drawers.

I will never buy anything from them again and I also will let everyone know at work .

Monetary Loss: $500.

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