Columbia, South Carolina
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I recently purchased the Dumont King Bedroom set from your store in Charleston, SC. Initially I was very happy with the bedroom set as it is a very beautiful set.

However, within the first night the bed was loudly squeaking any time anybody moved in the bed. As I am a light sleeper, this is absolutely not acceptable especially considering the price of the bed. I immediately contacted Rooms To Go Customer Service in order to have a technician come look at the bed, and was told nobody could come look at the bed for another two weeks. That unfortunately meant another two weeks of sleepless nights with continuously getting woken up throughout the night.

To make matters worse, when the technician did finally arrive at the scheduled 4 hour time window he was by himself. He proceeded to look at the bed and confirm that it did indeed squeak very loudly, but that it was a two person job and we'd need to schedule yet another time window where we would have to set aside another 4 hours to sit at the house. Our order showed the size of the bed we had, and the problem we had so there is no reason why two people should not have been sent the first time, the reassembly of a king size bed of that size is always going to be a two person job. After setting up another appointment we waited the entire time window and nobody arrived.

Upon inquiring we were told the driver called and when nobody answered, he chose to not leave a voicemail and just not show up at all. Once again we scheduled another 4 hour time window and yet again nobody showed up and not a single missed call this time. At this point I am done dealing with customer service and inquired about just having the defective furniture picked up for a refund since Rooms To Go is too incompetent to rectify the problem, but was told we couldn't do so without a technician looking at the furniture.

Well a technician did look at the furniture already the first time and confirmed the problem, we just can't get a technician to come to correct the problem.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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We are sorry to hear that your bed has been squeaking and we have been unable to get two of our technicians out there to fix that for you. Please send us your order information to with as the subject line so we can get them out as soon as possible to fix the issue. Thanks!


Somebody finally showed on third time I had to be available to support the time window, just to confirm it was a bad bed and they needed to do an exchange. Why the first person couldn't do this is beyond me. Now yet another window needs to be supported for exchange.