I wish I had researched first.

See story below: So here it is the end of the day and I have yet to receive a refund of the double charge BUT they have no even emailed me a confirmation or receipt of my purchase at all as they promised. There was no way for me to obtain any confirmation or receipt during my online purchase because it basically did not exist because their website was "having issues". I have requested a receipt for the last 3 hours, and they have yet to produce one for me.

They have my money but will not produce me a receipt or written confirmation.


Do not buy through the website. I was charged twice for my purchase AND now I'm having to jump through hoops to get my money back. The reps on the line keep mentioning "the office" and when I ask them where this office is, who is the office or how can I get to talk to someone in "the office" I get the run around. And because my order was not processed (but it sure as *** charged my account twice) there is no order # to associate my order with so they can't seem to help me. After demanding they connect me to this office, I finally got put through to "the office"only to have to leave a voice mail.

This whole experience has been the worse experience I have ever had purchasing something Online in my entire life. DO NOT order online, and if you feel brave and do order online but get an error message that says "There was an error. You have not been charged. Try again" don't do it. You'll have a hard time getting your money back.

UPDATE: So, I was finally told a reversal on my double charge was processed, I called my bank and they had not received it. I contacted R2G again, and they said the manager was gone for the weekend. How convenient. THEN from the website I was told that the normal delivery date would give me a 4 hour window, suddenly, the date became an express delivery date and I now had a 14 hour window. I have been dealing with this since 9AM this morning. I asked for a return on my delivery charge for this whole ordeal and they basically laughed at me, said I'd have to wait 48 hours for them to put over $500 back into my account. I consider this stolen money until it's returned.

I will never, ever buy from this horrible place again. EVER.

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