Stone Mountain, Georgia
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I purchased the Dumont king size bedroom from RTG and have had the worse issues with my bed. The bed creaks every time you go on it.

They have sent service men to check it, claimed to replace it (I wasn't home, but my mom told me he only replaced the the polls on the bed), I have added the metal frame as support and still nothing works. I called, and was informed that since it has been about three months since my last complaint, they have to send out another technician. I cannot believe I spent all this money on a bed that I can't even get any action on for fear of waking the children!!!!

I am so ready to start filing complaints with my credit card company, as I can tell they will not take the *** back. I wanted a good king bed for my master bedroom, and should have followed my heart and gotten the Copley Square from Haverty's for the little extra.

Stay Away From The Dumont, and Rooms To Go.

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Dear Spaingirl2009,

I am sorry to hear that you aren't happy with your bed. We would like to investigate this further if you don't mind emailing us your order # or the phone number on your account. We can be reached at and look forward to hearing from you!