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Update by user Dec 08, 2011

*UPDATE* My husband contacted RTG and explained to them the condition of the chair and the service rep stated that the damage sounded like manufacturer issues. RTG delivered a new chair before Thanksgiving.

When the delivery guy inspected the chair he agreed that the legs fell off because of a manufacturing issue. I hate that it took my husband calling to get the situation handled.

Original review posted by user Nov 07, 2011

My husband and I purchased a dining room set from Rooms-to-go Sept 2010. We do not have any children; therefore, only two chairs are actually used at the table.

A leg on one of the unused chairs was loose and after examining the leg I noticed the hole for the bolt holding the leg to the base was too big. I called Rooms-to-go to get them to come out and fix the chair and I was told they could not because our warranty had expired. I explained to the service rep that this chair has not been used; therefore, it should not be falling apart. She told me there is still nothing that can be done.

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CHEAP FURNITURE!!!!!! It has only been a year and the *** is falling apart!!!

Monetary Loss: $799.

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New purchases typically do carry a one year warranty. However, we would like to take a look further into your experience to see if there may be any options that we may have available for you. If possible, please email us your order details to


I've had hit or miss experiences with Rooms To Go but generally I agree with you. Their furniture is very cheaply made.

We've bought several rooms of furniture from them b/c they're payment deals are hard to beat. They did good by us on a couch that was supposed to be scotch guarded but was stained by my kids nonetheless. They replaced all the cushions for me. We also bought a dining room table that also broke a leg on one of the chairs b/c of how cheaply it was made.

We got the same response as you on that one, that the warranty had expired and there was nothing they could do. When my couch was still in warranty they fixed that no problem but they stick to those warranties which I guess you can't fault them on.

Bottom line, RTG is good if you need quick furniture and you need to pay it off. But you get what you pay for.