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I too purchased a bedroom & livingroom set from rooms to go. Upon delivery 9:00 on a Sunday nite, it was discovered my dresser had a huge hole in the bottom, the footboard had several scratches and dings & glue was stuck to the drawer face. My couch armpiece had a scuff mark. The delivery guys stuck the dresser in my garage and told me someone would call about the other damage. Well, nobody called. After a day I calldd customer service who told me she would send new pieces. Redelivery took 5 days. They wouldnt give me a time frame because since delivery was 'so soon' they didnt know when exactly it would be squeezed in.

The guys finally arrived Friday nite at 7pm. The new dresser was more messed up than the original!!! Huge scratches along the face of the drawers. Delivery guys wouldnt just swap out the good drawers from the other dresser. Told me if they brought the original dresser up to use then I would use the ability to get a new piece. Still not sure why since they replaced the couch arm and footboard I'd been using...maybe they just didnt want to carry the piece up and down from my garage twice.

Delivery guy told me to go ahead and call about the damage now (friday at 7) yet when I called they were closed. Wonder how long I have to wait this time and in what condition the 3rd dresser will be in. Meanwhile my clothes sit in boxes.

To top it off, the delivery guys made a huge deep scratch in the wall of my entryway and when I showed it to them they acted surprised & incredulous.

I've been very calm and understanding with the delivery guys and thought customer service had a handle on things but my patience is wearing thin and I wont be calm soon.

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