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I want to first start out with saying that i have not ever been treated the way i was by the 1st set of delivery guys that Rooms to Go sent to my house!!!!

From my understanding Rooms to Go contracts out the delivery service, that delivers Rooms to Go's furniture. It still reflects back on Rooms to Go when something happens. Rooms to Go is who Myself and husband walked into your store to make the purchase that was for our 2 little girls. It was suppose to be exciting and something they looked so forward to and only to start to see it been the BIGGEST nightmare. This all started on NOVEMBER 15, 2015 @ 2:32 PM, when Myself and my husband, purchased a bunk bed from Rooms to Go, made our payment and got set a delivery date of NOVEMBER 19, 2015. Off we went. Then we sold both of our daughters beds the morning of our "Special Day" (1st Delivery Date) as what our girls called this day. On this Date of the 1st delivery is where it all goes down hill. Happy Kids, Happy Mommy and Very Rude and intimidating Delivery Guy (contracted by Rooms to Go). When i opened the door to let them in, yes some what poor English but that was not that big of a problem. As my girls mind you (4years of age and 6 years of age) stood with excitement out in their hallway to watch the men put together the bed, mom making sure they that they stayed clear. They 2 men kept looking at us making us feel like they was not to be watching them. There was always one guy that stayed in the room after they unloaded every piece of the bunk bed on to the ground in the street. It was not until they finally both walked out to get the mattress that i could look at the bunk bed. Once i looked at the bunk bed i was very unhappy, could not believe that this is what i purchased from Rooms to Go. It was to be a solid white bunk bed that is what i expected and by no means is that what i got. It looked used, it had black dust all over it, like it had been setting outside. it had nicks here and there. several of the draws would not even open. The guy and i refer to him as the one in charge, never got his name from him. He walks back in and i tell him that, " this is not what i purchased, it is filthy and why did it have some many nicks on it and why some of the draws did not even open". The guy then plays me like i am just ***, he says (dirty pointing to the steps) "that is how it came out the box". I told him "I watched you unload your truck, it was not in a box" . The drawers are just tight, you have to open and shut them a few times. He pulled and it would not open. I then point to several nicks and even a chunk of what should of been wood missing, that is then when the guy turned into a very rude and intimidating person. I was so upset ,my girls where no longer happy their "Special Day" because the bunk bed was not what mommy and daddy went to Rooms to Go and purchased. Now I have got this delivery guy being rude and doing a little cussing. "You don't want the *** bed now"!! I would have spotted them long before almost completing the bunk bed but the intimidating looks that the guy gave us just for watching was enough, that I was not asking to look at it. Even though these are strangers in my own home. I just thought this was going to be something that i could of handle and been done. I know that this would not have ever happened to me and my girls if there would have been another adult in the home with me this day. When I told him, No this is not right i should not have to clean and touch up paint my Brand New Furniture. Like i said it looked used! He walks out saying nothing. He then returns with a mattress pad cover and i told him, I DO NOT WANT THAT,to TAKE IT BACK PLEASE! I asked what do I do and who do I call because I need this bed today, not tomorrow. Remind you we sold our daughters bed that morning. The guy then chuckled laughing says, "O, you WONT get another bed today!" Already being up set over the way the guy spoke to me i replied"O yes I will and chuckled back to him. I was in such shock and disbelief to how this guy acted and did that in front of my 2 daughters and how he would treat a someone over a purchase of new furniture being unacceptable. I called my husband so upset crying. I finally realized I needed to call and tell them what had happened. That is when i was told, Im sorry that happened but we contract the deliveries out to some other company but we will pass the word along. Seriously that is how this works. and you need to call this other number to see when they can reschedule. Really again, MYSELF AND MY DAUGHTERS ARE BEING PUNISHED because i was delivered unacceptable TO BE brand new furniture. I cant believe it ever got loaded on the truck like that, because I know it was not in a box like the guy stated. Then because I did not accept the bunk bed, we now had to wait 7 MORE days to get another delivery. Really, now for 7 MORE days my girls have to sleep on the floor in their room NOW. Please remember we sold our girls old beds the morning of our delivery not knowing that we would not be able to accept the furniture in the shape it was in. I'm assuming that we our one of the very rare customers to get a furniture in the shape ours was in. It is really a let down to know that Rooms To Go would allow this. Bottom line enough with the step by step; this problem has only been growing and growing. I called Rooms To Go in The Woodlands because this is where we made our purchase the day this all turned up side down. First starting with "the guy" that was very rude and intimidating, that made me and my daughters uncomfortable in our own home, to him cussing in asking me, "if I wanted the F*#@ing bed?" to calling and , speaking to Herman Jones and several others not being transfered to speak with a supervisor as well as several other in the store that answered at The Woodlands Store 832-562-4669

RTG Kids - The Woodlands

26660 Insterstate 45

The Woodlands, TX 77386

Every call I made whomever answered the phone would not transfer me further than them. They would insist they could help me. I once talked to a lady name Tammi, and the only thing that was told to me about this whole issue was " we will credit you the delivery fee." and "they would contact delivery company to relay what happened with their employee. No return calls, no letter of apology or sorry for this delivery service that Rooms To Go has contracted to deliver their furniture for them, no this is not how we handle business. I Really don't see why I should of ever had to pay a delivery fee once the furniture was delivered in the shape it was in and then having to wait another 7 days for a re-delivery. Seriously, your Company handles problems this way? This is Bad Bad Business, this could really be a bad review with the BBB and Website for the company. Which I haven't wrote a review for and hope I don't have to because I truly feel this is not been handle the way the Man up stairs would approve of. Never another word from ANYONE! Months and months go by and never a word and NO BILL! Yes we paid cash of $ 500.00 and financed the remaining $ 1640.04, on NOVEMBER 15,2015.

Not ever hearing another word nor being mailed anything, I truly felt that Rooms To Go re-thought this problem and the way it was handled so they graciously covered our remaining balance. Now that time has gone by and our everyday busy life, its now been 4 months later we received a bill dated for 02/16/2016 for $54.11 total balance owed from Tidewater Financing. Our Bill stated we had a credit limit of $ 1500.00 and available credit of $1445.89. Which I was shocked but appreciative that was all we was being billed for. We paid the bill and continued on with our life. We then received another bill Month of March 2016 stating we purchased 01/26/2016 and owed $1585.92, now we are charged for the delivery fee, that I was told they would credit us and for the Bunk Bed I purchased November 15,2015. Now 4 months later. So I have to say that I called spoke with Jennifer in customer service 800-766-6786 , could not be transferred to a supervisor, being told that they could help me. Went through the whole story for the 10 time to another person. To be told, that they would handle the delivery fee that I was already told by Tammi would be Credited back in NOVEMEBER 2015 rediting it back to the account. Boy, if that was not a lie. Its still on the bill which I just received another one. So upsetting that this has been one DISAPPOINTMENT after another. And now Rooms To Go lying to me the customer. How can Rooms To Go Bill me 4 months later for a purchase I made. The is wrong and someone on Rooms to go cause even more problems waiting so long to turn this in to Tidewater Financing and changed our purchase dated to 01/20/16. Which is just ANOTRHER LIE to add to this problem. I pray and hope this letter gets to the right person and is handle. I am hoping that I get a response within a timely manner.

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Rooms To Go Pros: Sales lady very nice.

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