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the delivery people came ill equiped they had no box cutters. i let them use a knife that my father gave me just befor he died, they assured me it would be returned, that was not the case they stole it.........they assured me that an exchange for a pice of furniture would be delivered soon.they lied..........

after contacted rooms to go i was treeded as if i was a lier and a theif..i spent over$12,000 with them only to be called a lier. when they supposedly contacted the driver he said he had no clue.... i would not ask for something back if it never happened........ now i have nothing good to say about rooms to go.

i am a buisness owner and would NEVER tolirate this type of business... my fathers knife to me is priceless...... so now EVERY TIME i talk with my customers I WILL TELL THEM rooms to go hires thiefs and will take a drivers word over a customers............ and that trying to resolve it on the phone is useless and a waste of time.

rooms to go can NEVER NEVER br trusted i will make it my mission to tell every person about the BAD business that u do............ ps im in clients homes every day you can bet your entire lively hood i will tell every one just to keep future people from being ripped off and stolen from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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rooms to go hires thieves. #roomstogo


contacted police only to be told that there was nothing they could do that i had to take the matter up with the store.! and after having the funiture for only 2and half months it is falling apart, with little to no use of all items, all hardware is striped and can not be taken apart when there (repair guys) showed up they reaked of pot and sent them away afer another month on the phone with them another crew whowed up unanounced stating they were going to replace all problem parts once they fount that all were stripen and the heads were wollowed out they sayed they could not replace them and that funiture would hav to be returned to shop but they could not get it out the door as the items were to big and could not be taken apart.

senct then they have doged ALL my calls and refuse to fix the problem, and sence my first post i have told well over 1000 people about my experience, all were mad with R.T.G. and said they would tell all there friend and reliatives Not to do any business with them.


and you didnt make a police report why