Fort Wayne, Indiana

HORRIBLE!!! My boyfriend and I ordered from Rooms To Go, were both very young and wanted a way to build credit.

Rooms To Go is a huge mistake. Not only did our sale person tells us ANYTHING to get his commission but the quality is horrible, he exaggerated about almost every point. The cushions are sewed on for a reason, the wood tabled scratched with every touch, and no animal can be on it (even our fully declawed cat could make a scratch). Our original order never get delivered, after I called enough and complained enough (talking to the president assistant- Michelle Sage) they let us re-select, our new order was wrong, which meant we had to call and complain some more to even get the right order.

This is after 6 months of hassle and complaint. I will not only NEVER return (because of horrible quality, & horrible customer service), but will adamantly never recommend Rooms To Go to anyone. Michelle came to our home (a two hour drive) and told us she was so so sorry and said she'd be there the day the new order came, when the new (wrong) order came she was not only not at our home but we couldn't reach her. After three weeks she still has not called us back.

I recognize large companies have many people to please but after spending over $5,000 and talking to the president's assistant we figured she'd keep her word, or at least call us back. Rooms to Go is horrible quality and the warranties have so many hidden catches, it's not worth anyones time. I hate to say it, after 6 months and so much emotion and money, Rooms To Go has to be one of the worst places to buy furniture.

A women from Ashley helped us fixed our problem, we never made a purchase from Ashley (and she knew that from the beginning- after all we'd just spend most our money...) she felt so bad for us she helped us find the best quality re-select we could.Horrible experience. :(

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I bought a living room set advertised as leather. After some time it started to peel.

I contacted a leather repair co. They sent a repair expert to my home. He told me that the part that was peeling was vinyl. I e-mailed RTG Corp.

They said in a documented e-mail that it was 100% leather, and I was past warranty. This is not a warranty issue.

Contact me. :(


Purchased full set childrens furniture Disn POTC which was very expensive and appeared to be solid wood (even grain matched on return edges and radius components). Furniture is already falling apart after less than one year which reveals that is actually composed of cheap particle board which has been encased in grain matched paper veneer.

The bed rails have broken twice due to a CHILD just sitting on the bed which is a product safety hazard.

Point of failure was delamination of the paper layer which gives the product the appearance of "wood". This company needs to be subject of class action lawsuit and product recalls need to be initiated for safety hazard issues.


okay folks here are some complaint contacts:

You can complain to the CEO at : or the COO at: ….or contact one of the brand names they carry such as the head of Crawford Home Fashions Inc (Cindy Crawford) at : or the marketing company at : and of course contact JC Penney’s to voice that Cindy Crawford is signed on with RTG so therefore boycotting them and you can contact them at :

And last but not least contact the newspapers, radio, blogs, twitters and file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office in your State.


I'm surprised that there is not a class action lawsuit against the company. My furniture is broken and I still am paying on it!

If anyone files suit, I will support this action! It makes me sick that my hard earned money is still paying on furniture that I have to send to the curb. If I don't pay then it is my credit that is affected and if they sell me *** press board furniture and pass it off as good quality then what is their risk? Nothing.

If I didn't work so much I would file myself, maybe I still may.

It is just sick. :sigh


Maybe if enough of us who have had documented bad experiences and problems can file a class action lawsuit. Rooms To Go in Charlotte is awful and I will never buy from them again. :( Anyone else in the Charlotte, NC area who has had similar experiences; I would love to hear from you all.


The comments from above customer (suffer) are absolutely correct. Only difference in my case was order was delivered on time (may be Rooms to Go0 was in hurry to delivery bad stuff or junk to customers. I spend around 1400$ the quality of sofa and chairs are pathetic. I think the type is Wesley.

I bought my sofa and Chairs in May-09 and first time called the customer care in Oct-09 and since then I am doing lot of follow-up with online customer (no-care) . I have been also told about this name Michelle Sage and I called her so many times and her phone number (770-932-6000 Extn- 4753) always goes to voice message. This number I had received from local store in Alpharetta, GA. Store manager.

I would suggest also the customers with such horrible experience with Rooms to Go should go to the store and sit in front of the store with a silent demonstration with having banners in their hand explain the poor workmanship and quality in Rooms to Go products.

I am talking to few attorneys friends to file a law suit against Rooms to Go for this huge harassment for me. Friends this all is happening when product is still under warranty ……..