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Here is my experience and email to RTG:

Hello, my name is Julie Bollman. My husband and I purchased a sectional from your store on 5/21/16 and it was scheduled to be delivered between 2 and 6 pm today. I am writing this to inform you with how dissatisfied I am with the Rooms To Go delivery people and your company. Our order number is: 6311728

They partial delivery was made during the scheduled time frame, which was very appreciated. We also like your text updates regarding the delivery and the time.

Upon their arrival they made it clear that they were dissatisfied with having to take the furniture upstairs to our game room. We were able to get them to take the 2 smaller pieces of the sectional, 2 end tables and 2 lamps. However, they flat out refused to take the larger piece up the stairs. They said they would not be able to take it up the stairs, it was too big. My husband offered to wait for them to call and get an additional person to come and help them take it upstairs. They said they couldn't deliver it upstairs without damaging our wall. If we wanted to sign a waiver relinquishing them from the damage they would do to the wall then they will take it upstairs. This was not an acceptable solution for us. Their only other solution was to load it back on their truck or put it somewhere else. He also stated me that they were not required to deliver items upstairs, and that the sales guy was telling me that just so he could make a sale. He also informed me at the time that if he took it upstairs and did damage to our wall he couldn't be able to work for 5 days and he just really didn't think he could do the delivery without doing damage.

We asked for their names and to speak to one of their supervisors. They would not give us the phone number, nor would they give us their names. He just kept saying we're with Rooms To Go. We specifically asked for their names and he kept replying we're Rooms To Go. After almost an hour of trying to come up with an amicable solution we had them store the larger sectional piece in our garage. When they were taking off the plastic wrap and the blue moving blanket I noticed there was a black mark on the top seam of the sectional piece. I wanted to indicate the mark on the delivery paper and also to make note on the paper that one of the pieces was delivered and put in the garage upon refusal of the delivery team to take it upstairs to the game room. He said I did not have to sign the delivery paperwork.

As they were preparing to leave I asked 3 more times for a supervisor's phone number. Instead his partner got on the phone to talk to the dispatch department. I don't know what was being said, I don't speak Spanish. They got off the phone and he said that I didn't need to sign the delivery paperwork. I told him again that I wanted to sign the paperwork and I also wanted to express the dissatisfaction on the paper and indicate that we view it as an incomplete delivery. I also asked that he write his supervisor's phone number down. He refused to hand the paperwork to me and told me his supervisor would give us a call. She called within a few minutes of them hanging up with them. When we got the call from his supervisor, she would not talk to us about the delivery. She was only calling to get a verbal verification that the delivery was complete, which we refused to do. She finally told us if we had problems with the delivery we needed to contact Customer Service. During the time of the call the delivery people got in the truck and left, leaving my husband and I to pick up the pieces of plastic bags and styrofoam trash off of our yard and out of the street in front of our house. While we were picking up the trash, we heard, then watched them drive the delivery truck into the top branches of one of our neighbor's trees.

When we purchased the sectional we made it clear that our game room was upstairs. Our salesman indicated that was not going to be a problem. He asked us if our house was a newer build and we told him that our house was just built and that we have very tall ceilings. Our movers had no trouble moving 1 full bedroom suite and 2 queen sized bedroom suites upstairs. I measured from the top step of the staircase to the ceiling and it was more than 120 inches.

We have purchased furniture from Rooms To Go in the past and we were very satisfied with the furniture and the delivery. I am very shocked and disappointed by the way we were treated by your delivery people and the dispatch customer service supervisor that called.

I would like to understand from Rooms To Go what changed from the time we purchased the furniture to the delivery date. Do your salespeople tell people what they want to hear even if it is untrue just to make a sale or are your delivery people not equipped to do their job? If you could also outline the steps I would need to take if I choose to return the furniture.

As we furnish other rooms in our house we will choose NOT to do business with Rooms To Go. I am sure you could understand my reasoning when we pay in full for our furniture and when it is delivered we are treated rudely and end up having one of the main parts of the purchase sit in our garage not in our game room. Instead of enjoying our purchase, it sits where my husband's car should be parked and now I am left sending an email to you and wondering what in the world I am going to do now.

I would like for you to consider using my experience as a learning opportunity for your employees so this won't happen again to another unsuspecting family. Also, as a SAFETY issue please consider requiring your employees to give their names when asked by any customer that is receiving a delivery. Especially when they do not wear name tags and their names are not located on any paperwork or text notification given to customers in reference to the delivery. This is a huge safety issue to me since we are letting strangers into our home where we also have two children.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Julie Bollman

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Rooms To Go Pros: Friendly sales person.

Rooms To Go Cons: Quality and customer service, Incomplete delivery, No resolution offered, Passing the problem.

  • No Resolution Offered
  • Incomplete Delivery
  • No Response From Csr
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Rooms To Go forged ny husband's signature on delivery documents!


Thank you for posting your experience. We have received your emails and will be responding to you shortly.


Heard from RTG, but no adequate resolution thus far