Austin, Texas

This review is in hopes other consumers will NOT go through what it looks like hundreds of consumers how gone through with Rooms to Go. I have never wrote a bad review ever and I'm 50!

We had bought what we had thought was a Quality and beautifully constructed bedroom set for our Guest Bedroom. I had several issues. This set is to go in a childs room! The smell of this wood furniture was so harsh from the chemicals from either the glue or part of the wood that it was intolerable.

It took 3 deliveries and pure determination with hours on the phone to have each part of this set redelivered. This company has no intregrity and takes no responsibility or care in even meeting consumers basic satifaction. Quality, customer service is more than deplorable. They do NOT back their horrible products.

If I won a $5,000.00 gift certificate I would throw it in the garable. I will now call this store "Rooms to Go In The Garbage"!

If you want superior quality and beyond bending over Customer Satisfaction please shop at Star Furniture. It is owned by Warren Buffet; a man with integrity!!

I have had furniture from Star for 15 years now and it is just as superior as the day I bought it! You may pay more but with Star Furniture their furniture is an investment for your home!

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I purchased a bunk bed from Rooms To Go in Fort Myers, FL and the bed smells toxic and is giving me a headache. If this does get any better in the VERY near future, they will get this junk back. I'm pissed!


Rooms To Go stands behind its products and provides all new purchases with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. I’m sorry to hear about the issues that you had recently with your bedroom set. If there is something that we might be able to further assist you with, please do not hesitate to email us the details, along with your order information to


I have had a bedroom set for my two girls that immediately smelled of "dead fish". I thought that the smell would go away.

It has always somewhat lingered, yet tolerable. We just pulled the mattresses from the bunk beads to make a fortress, and the smell is in the wood and the mattresses. It is so pungent that I cannot bear to be in the room. I have now seen customer reviews about the same issues with the bedroom sets, and want to know if there is any recourse that Rooms To Go would be willing to take to help rid us of this smell.

We have paid over $5000 to furnish many rooms and this is the only ongoing issue that we have had. Can anyone help?


It is NOT a manufacturer defect! It IS however, the chemicals used in the making of the products.

Unsafe glues, numerous cancer causing chemicals and Techs that are unskilled, unlicensed to give said information...yet told instead to tell you it's a new smell or seasonal crack! Even when the product is still off gasing one year in. Even though you never moved a cabinet a year later...yet it cracks. My complaints are long.

Over a year exposure and research. They don' t care! Hours on phone. Pretend efforts.

To later dish you as a bothersome customer. They file you in the bad pile. Refuse to refund you or pick up the furniture. I deplore this company.

Their products come from Vietnam, China. Where chemicals are not manidated. Their use of them is passed into our country and our homes! Regardless of our own laws.

How us that? I am angry!

You ruined my home and my health. And further actions are coming against you.


I just bought a leather couch with a sickening chemical smell. Did this get resolved? What did you do?


Any updates? My son's furniture smells terrible after a year and they are sending a service tech to I guess "smell".