Brownsville, Texas

I went to rooms to go in midland and one of the employes by the name Cesar was stearing at my wifes behind and when I confronted him he stated insulting me. I am not sure why these companies let this kind of employees work there.

It is the worst experience of my life and I hope he gets fired other wise I will have to take a different action. This employee is the worst and if management dont correcct this situatuion and hire competent employees thery are going to loose all thier customers and thier busineess will fail very soon.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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Cesar is the manager at the store in Midland and he is an airagant person. Called cause I have their delivery drivers constantly turning around in my yard and I have small kids and want them to not be in MY YARD and he told me to get over it.....

Really I live on a street that you can drive through not a dead end and no one wants to do anything about it!!

I am a little ticked about it. GRRRRRR I will never buy anything from this company!!


i bought furniture most of it was on my debit and maybe 300.00 was cash i decided id go else where cause the furniture was going to be in like in a month and i didnt want to wait so i canceled it well to find out she told me 625.00 dollors had to be held as store credit cause it was more than 48hrs which it wasnt i called the next day i have called the store trying to talk to the manager and all they say is he is out i leave my number for him to call me but never does all i want is for them to send me a check for the 625.00 and i will never go back im so mad :( :( :( :(


I know how u feel. My wife, susana c.

was the mcallen, tx office manager until august2, 2012. Had an 8 mth affair with a salesman by the name of micheal, didnt ever get his last name. Well I was trying get him alone to kick his butt n when he heard about midland opening up, he left before I could get to him. He still works at rtg in midland.

He is also married, even at the time he was with my wife. Me n wife r now seperated because of that n the *** is laughing about it now. Thats the kind of people they have. Susana since has been working at corporate in seffnee, fl.

Where she had been married before n had an affair with a tech from rtg. How bout them apples?


Rooms to Go had a promotion of buying furniture and getting a 50" or 60" flat screen with your purchase. We were not in the market for furniture but what the H_ _ _ it sounded like a good deal.

Purchased the living room furniture nothing fancy it was going in the game room and well we would get a Television out of it. 60" We paid cash and were told that it was not normal for us to get the TV right away but because of the promotion they had waived having to wait for our furniture to come in before we could get it. They give you a gift card to Best Buy and you go and get it. We went and they told us we had to wait 5 days for it to be active!

They also don't tell you you are resposible for the tax which wasn't charged on your purchase which is o.k at this point. If I pay for something especially CASH you expect your stuff right away unless they have told you otherwise. This was unecceptable on their part. We asked for our $$ back and we went to get our own TV.

It was an act of congress to get a refund and we have to wait for 7 to 10 business days before we get it. The Customer Service in the refund process in MIDLAND, TX was rude and not helpful. Where they find these people I don't know but they don't need to be working with the public. I will never buy anything from them again.

Word of Mouth is very important and I will let people know how we were treated and that they do not disclose everything upfront. :(


The exact samething happened to me lastnight. Customer Service is sooo rude. They told us our furniture would be out of stock till three weeks from now we told them we wanted our money back.


Ordered $5000.00 worth of furniture for a 17th of December delivery for a Christmas present, we will be getting our fourth delivery (maybe) tomorrow and so far everything has been wrong, broken and they can't get the replacements right. This company is the Biggest JOKE of the United States. Buyers please don't buy from ROOMS TO GO


I can promise that the behavior that you described is not tolerated by our offices. I will make sure that your experience is addressed with the appropriate personnel to ensure that situations as such are better prevented from occurring again in the future.


Maybe you should relax and not worry about your wife or who's looking at her and direct your childhood rage towards someone else.