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we puchased a sectional from Rooms to Go in Feb 2011 but we were requested to pay for it up front even though it was not in stock at the time...that was my first mistake. who makes someone pay for something before they get it, *** artist usually because creditable companies who know they have a good prduct do not and would HAVE to do this.

I consented to this because my husband fell in love with the set. We had to wait until March to get it (should have listen to Mac) and within the 1st week after revisiting the store we put a complaint in that we were not satisfied with the product. They requires a technician to come out. This man Mr Ramses took the entire bottom off and adjusted screw and blots which he stated was let loose when assembled.

After another week or so we called in again to say something was still wrong the sectional was still uncomfortable. Another tech(James) was sent out and from the padding bunched up in several places that he couldnot get to because of how the product was made, when ask what he would put in his report he said "PRODUCT WAS DEFECIVE BECAUSE IT COULD NOT BE CORRECTED. After recieiving a call from Customer Service we were told that that tech's (James) report stated that nothing was wrong with the furniture. Now to make matters worse we had to ask James to open the sectional up to see what wass goin on ..he walked in our home empty handed, not even a tool belt on.He told us the product has spring in it and when we had him to take part the bottom there was no springs.

That was our 2nd indication that the tech James did not know what he was doing. When ask what the 1st tech report(Rameses)stated he said there was no problem...THEY BOTH LIED. Which leads me to believe that THEY ARE TRAINED TO LIE AND PROTECT THE COMPANY NOT THE CUSTOMER. The customer service rep (Waliska??) stated they they have to side with the tech, even though we told her the reports were a lie.

She (Waliska) stated that she will do some research and get back with us, that was 3 weeks ago and the clock is still counting down our warranty. We call back and ask for an update and was told (Waliska)is still researching and there was no time frame on when she will get back with us and IF THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE A SCAM what does.

I am not finish with this issue, times are hard and ROOM to GO needs to recognize the that customer service is importance not employee service. I intend to file a BBB and need to know if anyone wants to join me in a petition to the Attorney General's Office requesting an official investigation in to this companies practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $3128.

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We purchased furniture from RTG.We told the salesman that we needed it before 08/05/11,He said ok.If they cannot meet day ,they would refund the money.Well it is 08/09/11 and no furniture.I even have a voice recording of the salesman and a manager about the situation.If you can help ,please do so.


I understand your frustrations, and am very sorry to hear about recent furniture purchase. If you can email us your order details at, we will be more than happy to look further into your request.