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I ordered a set of bunkbeds. I completely remodeled the bedroom it was to go in and was ready for delivery.

What a joke! Oh my gosh I have never seen such a fiasco in my life. The set they brought came out of the box with red tape all over it and broken. So they leave all the broken furniture where we can not even get in the room for use.

My grandchildren were staying with me and had to sleep on a mattress in the living room. They come the second time and did not have all the pieces or the hardware. I call customer service and told them i WANT A WHOLE NEW BED IN THE BOX. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP SAYS TO ME "THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN" RUDE RUDE RUDE!

I could not believe the rudeness and lack of customer concern. It took them 3 tries and my bed is scratched in several places and they did not even bring all the hardware. My hardware arrived UPS after the delivery guys had already left. I still don't know what action I'm going to take.

Does anyone want to join a class action law suit against these idiots. E-mail me at We can not let this kind of treatment go. Our country is in a mess because we have not stood up for ourselves against injustice.

We can start somewhere.

Lets start with companies that do not deserve to be in business. They are stealing from us the consumer!!

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I can certainly understand your frustration, as it certainly should not have taken such a turnaround to get the situation taken care of. If you still are in need of assistance with getting the bed set up, please let us know by emailing us your order details to