Athens, Georgia

Just called rooms to go about a defect in furniture that was bought alittle over a year ago. Their words to me were "Im sorry, but we are unable to send osomeone out to help you" WHAT???

SERIOUSLY??? I would think that you spend ANY amount of money on a furnature set, you should get some use out of it. Its not like it is being used by millions of people...2 freakin adults use this furnature!!!

Rooms to go should be called *** to go!!! I will NEVER again purchase their *** which they like to refer to as furnature!

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just wondering....i have read many complaints on this site. i was very curious after noticing that david_johnson responds to most of these complaints & encourages folks to email RTG customer service.....does anyone follow through & get positive results??

AND if so why does it have to come to this to get anything resolved. as i said i was just wondering but it really doesnt matter because i will NEVER purchase another thing from RTG. i work hard for my money & i have a choice as to where and how its spent, so with that being said i have finally realized the age old saying "you get what you pay for".

its far from a "GOOD DEAL" when this much frustration is attached to a purchase. my time & health is worth much more to me that "CHEAP"furniture.


My girlfriend's father bought us living room set with flat screen deliver by them. The lamp broke and there was a chip in the entertainment stand we called and then they send me both brand new lamp and the stand within week later.




I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I want to look further into the matter. If possible, please email me at with your order information.


Totally disagree smart customer. I bought the extra warranty for $400 for my furnature because they claimed it "covered" everything.

Less than a year after buying the furnature, the chaise louge started to break down in the back. I called for them to take care of it and they told me that it was not a factory issue and that it was me who broke it down by sitting on it to much. I do not have children/pets and I don't sit on the back of the couch.

Guess their furnature only supports people less than 150 pounds for 8 month. I spent $3000 for their cheap furnature and they will never have my buisness again.


Should have mot been cheap and bought the 3 yrs warranty. In this case, you get what you didn't pay for.