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I purchased an $1800 sectional in January (on sale from $2800). In two weeks, cushions busting apart at seams.

They sent out technician who stated it could not be fixed and was indeed "busting at seams." However, in his report to RTG, he states "fabric torn, but not at seams...customer usage." So then they had me submit a bunch of pictures, and it was so clearly obvious that it was busting at the seams that they agreed to replace it. Howver, the couch has been discontinued because (according to the RTG customer service woman) "it was defective." So, I can go to RTG and pick out something new. However, they do not have ANYTHING that costs the same as the sofa I purchased. Either way less (and they don't refund the difference) or way more.

So my only choice is 1) keep the broken couch (which would be ***) or 2) select a more expensive couch (so as to not take a huge loss on the purchase I made a month ago) and pay the difference. I am outraged. I selected and purchased what I liked. It is not my fault that the couch is *** and broke in two weeks.

It is not my fault it has been discontinued and probably should never habe been on the market in the first place. Now I have to go shell out more money for cheap ***. I would never have purchased more expensive furniture. I have asked repeatedly for a copy of the manufacturer's warranty and it has not been provided.

The furniture falls apart. The technician wasted hours of my time and then LIED on his report. I wasted more time taking a bunch of pics and emailing them in when it was clearly defective. And yes, they agreed to replace it.

However, it is NOT replacable since there is nothing of similar style at the same price. HORRIBLE....STAY AWAY...STAY FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR AWAY

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

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when my first chair was purchased it was garbage,,,,reliner would only close maybe 2 out of 10 times.....service ech said we were closing it improperly......she ONLY closed it maybe 6-10 times.....RTG said it was not mechanical and refused to anything....the store mananger helped.....but i had to spend the same or MORE ...... ITS A TOTAL RIPOFF....if the manager wouldn't of agreed...i'd be screwed...STAY AWAY FROM RTG..go where your appreciated......


Same exact thing just happend to me. We bought an entire living room set and the cushions on the couch and love seat started to unravel at the seems so we called and where told they would replace (the couch and love seat) for equal or lesser value.

Good luck finding something that matches the end tables, sofa table, coffe table and entertainment center. We finaly find something halfway matching and they want $200 more.

That $200 will cost this dump tens of thousands of dollars in future sales from me and everyone I can warn. Horrible customer service !!!


A similar thing happened to me 9 years ago. I see things have not changed.

Paying for it is even WORST! It is like...3 STEPS FORWARD/2 STEPS BACKWARDS!


I’m really sorry to hear about the problems that you are having with your living room set. I do have some added information that I can provide if you would like to email us your order details to

I’m sorry for any frustration this has caused and hope to hear from you soon.