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The quality of RTG furnitures sucks! And their so-called "Force Field" treatment is a total scam!!!!

Purchased one Cindy Crawford Sidney Road sofa, one loveseat and one ottoman from RTG's supercenter in Katy. The sales person persuaded me into buying their so-called "Force Field" protection plan and I ended up paying about USD200 for the plan. She even gave me two tiny bottles of "Force Field" branded cleaning solutions, suggested me that I can use them to clean the sofa if it is stained, making me believe that the sofa will be carefully treated. When I asked how the "Force Field" works, she explained that's something like "scotchgard."

The sofa set arrived a week later, the delivery guys moved all pieces in and left within less than five minutes. All the three pieces were covered by thinnest plastic wrap and they removed the plastic and took it away. Again, all was done within 5 minutes before I can realize anything. And I haven't found any trace on the sofa, the love seat or the ottoman, indicating that they had been treated to resist liquid or soil. Not even a tiny tag says they were “Force Field” treated. Then I drop a tiny amount of water, as I will usually do to test the scotchgarded furnitures, the water didn't bead up at all and the water just darken the fabric, as you can see in one of the photos I uploaded. So that's what you called "Force Field" treated? the $6 scotchgard works better than the expensive $200 "Force Field" treatment, if there is really such treatment.

What's more, I found countless scratches and stains on the sofa and the ottoman, as you can see in the pictures. The sofa set was been either used or carelessly delivered by the RTG staff. Consider the way how the sofa was carelessly delivered, it was no wonder for the sofa set to have such scratches and stains.

Will not purchase anything from RTG from now on and I am telling everyone around to stay off from RTG not to buy any RTG product!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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The paper used to show you the wonders of Forcefield is trick paper. One side is thinner than the other and rips easily.


Wow, I went roomstogo to buy $2800 leather furniture today at Katy fry and bunkerhill, Houston, Tx. I will go somewhere else.. Thx for the info


We have it on out very light tan micro fiber couches, nothing stains them. Cost us 39 per piece of furniture, red kool-aid and such will not stain our couch and chair.

Might be the material you have v. Our material.


We purchased a leather sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman and also got the end tables, coffee table and lamps.

We purchased this brown leather sofa set in 2001. It is beautiful.

We were told it is eight way hand tied cushions to uphold strength and durability and they were correct. It is now over 10 years later and looks almost brand new.

I was sad to see that there were some complaints because this is one of the nicest furniture sets I've ever seen.


Logan: If you're so happy with your furniture, what prompted you to visit this site (dedicated to upset consumers), register as a user, and then share your experience? If I were happy with my furniture, I wouldn't have the need to visit this site.


Wish I purchased mine in 2001! Amazing what a difference of 15 years, makes in a company's integrity


How has the couch held up? I am interested in purchasing it from Raymour & Flanigan.


Wow! Sorry to hear you feel this way.

The sales person should have been upfront with you at the time of purchase and explained the plan in more detail. If I were not given the correct information, I would be upset as well. The Force Field protection plan, is designed to prevent stains from penetrating the fibers which is how stains set in. Depending on the weaving pattern of the furniture, liquid may not bead up and roll off.

If a spill does occur and you are not able to remove the food or beverage with the provided cleaning solution, call customer service and we will send a service technician out to address the stains. The Force Field protection plan provides three years of coverage from the date of delivery. We have tried in the past to place stickers on items that were treated, however the stickers will not stay on wet furniture. Our internal records will indicate and provide documentation that the Force Field protection plan was purchased.

We can always schedule a service technician to re-apply the treatment in your home, this is odorless as well as colorless and will not cause any in home issues.

On a side note, sorry to hear of the scratches and stains on the sofa and ottoman from delivery. Could you please forward me your order details to Tellus@Roomstogo.com and reference “Pissed Consumer”.

I would be happy to review the account for you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.-Melissa