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Purchased a bedroom suite, mattress, chair and ottoman for over $3000 in Jan. 2012.

1st delivery in Feb. and the headboard and gentleman's chest were damaged. The delivery guy said we could sign for it since we needed to have a place to sleep and a place to put our clothes, and he would note the damage and customer service will call us to set up a time so that they can replace it. So, after waiting for customer service to call, which they never did, about three weeks later they delivered the replacements, which we refused because they were damaged.

Two more weeks later they delivered more replacements, we refused because they were damaged. So, today we got another set of replacements, which we refused because they were damaged. Now, we called customer service again, and we were given 3 options: 1. have a repair tech come out to repair the chips and separation of the wood, 2.

get a 20% refund of the gentlemans chest and headboard approx. $120, 3. return the whole order and pick out something else. The supervisor said that they choose not to send us any more replacements because it says on the back of the receipt that they reserve the right to choose how to take care of refunds, exchanges, etc.

So our only options are now those given. That is not acceptable! We want the furniture we paid for!! No chips, no separations, no damage!

Why do we want to pay full price for damage or repaired furniture?? And a 20% refund is not going to replace my weekends I had to spend moving around furniture and sitting on my *** waiting for the delivery guys and then finding out the replacement furniture was damaged! If we are to keep this damaged furniture, then we deserve at least a 50% refund! But oh no, we can only choose from those three options because they don't want to send us the undamaged furniture we paid for!

That is a load of bull!

I very recently was laid off, so you know what, now I have all the time in the world to make RTG's life miserable by blogging, submitting complaints to local media and the BBB, and just raising h*** until I get either the undamaged furniture I purchased or at least a 50% refund!! So, RTG, do you want to play this game, or will you give me my undamaged furniture or refund??

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Repair.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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That certainly does sound frustrating and not what we want our customers to expect from their delivery. If you can email us your order details to tellus@roomstogo.com we would be more than happy to take a closer look into the situation to see what other options we may have available for you!