Boynton Beach, Florida

Be careful when buy a lift chair from "Rooms to Go." The salesman did not tell me you could not use an extension cord with the chair. If you do, the transformer will overheat due to the added resistance of the cord....When I called up the store the salesman said all of the lift chairs in the showroom had an extension on them.

So When I visited the store the next day I found that he was lying....When I spoke to the manager he said I would have no problem using an extension cord, even though the chair's manual said not to use an extension cord.

So I am using an extension cord which will shorten the life of the transformer, so said the manufacturer when I called them...If the transformer does overheat I will have to get rid of the extension cord and use the short cord attached to the transformer which my 94 year old mother may trip over. So if you use an extension cord with these chairs, just make sure you unplug the extension cord when the chair is not in use to avoid a possible fire and use a 14 gauge extension cord that will not melt.....And buy a lift chair from Walmart that has a better return policy....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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