Clearwater, Florida
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We bought a topgrain leather motorized recliner couch. When they bought it in it was torn on the right hand side.

So they came out a week later to replace it the replacement was messed up the bottom of the couch ends were hitting each other. Called customer service to set up replacement for the 3 rd couch, got a time they came and took defective couch #2 out brought in replacement couch but it was a manual not electric for what we paid for. Called customer service they were to bring another replacement out day of delivery it rained hard could not deliver. Called them again was informed out of stock untill oct.

15 ok got a call they found one they were suppose to deliver between 10 to 2 pm on a wednesday did not show up till after 9pm, unloaded replacement but guess what it was damaged also. Called store got manager involved she promises to have a perfect one on oct 15 plus give us some money to make up for all the screwups.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Rooms To Go Cons: Delivering deffective funiture, Bad customer service, Lack of caring for customer after sale.

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Wow this sounds like a nightmare. Are you able to send us your order info to


I got my money back and have told everyone I know not to buy from rooms to go because they sell junk and the people working for then are useless. I closed my account with this shady company. Also your delivery sucks big time.


I forgot to say rooms to go delivered 6 damaged leather sofas I'm susprised the CEOs would put up with all the damage furniture there employees cause.