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The furniture they deliver is not the quality of furniture that they have in the show room. I purchased a new dining table and chair and a king size bedroom suit from the Kennsaw Rooms to Go.

Little did I know what nightmare was about to unfold in the following weeks. EVERY single piece of furniture that was delivered was damaged or defective. The delivery men left scuffs on my walls from banging the chairs and bed into the wall and they left trash in my bushes. They sent out a replacement for the TV stand along with the 2 nightstands that were not on my first delivery.

The replacement and the 2 nightstands are damaged as well. Then a representative came to my home and was very rude to me as he looked at everything and pulled out a brown marker to touch up the furniture, which by the way did not even begin to "repair" the issues. The wood on the bed looks warped and does not meet at the edges like it should, there are scrathes and dents on every single piece of furniture that was delivered and the side tables and tv stand also have the finish peeling off in places. Then he reported that the furniture was fine and that nothing was wrong with the furniture.

They will not exchange or replace the furniture and will not give me a refund. I am so unsatisfied with my purchase at Rooms to Go, I feel like I have been scammed into buying outlet quality furniture for full price instead of "Show Room" quality furniture. I will be posting on every single website I can find to warn people about Rooms to Go. They send out reps that report no damage so that they don't have to exchange the furniture that they delivered with defects and damage to it.

Guess it's time to contact BBB and a lawyer, they picked the wrong person to try to scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE DON'T BUY FURNITURE FROM ROOMS TO GO

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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We apologize for the disappointment you have with the furniture. Our showrooms do contain the same furniture that is delivered from our distribution centers and we apologize if you feel this is not what you received.

We would like to look further into your situation, so please email us at "Attention Pissed Consumer" with your order details. Again we apologize for the disappointment and look forward to hearing from you.


I so totally agree. Everything I received is damaged.

I didn't receive some of my order. They called me a liar stated I took it from the store on the day of purchase. They didn't charge me appropriately, pretty much called me a thief. The staff was rude and obnoxious and they use the no return policy as a means of not making a mends.

Have been calling corporate for one day shy of a week to no avail.

This company is evil. I WILL get my money back.