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I Purchased a leather recliner sofa from Rooms To Go Clearance Center in July, 2010. It had a couple small marks on the outside corners from being moved around, but was brand new and a few hunderd dollars cheaper for the marks.

I was happy with it until I noticed, just last week, that the lumbar portion of the leather, on the side where I like to sit, was starting to peel from it's skin, and was discoloring (white spots on the tan color). This has only been 8 months, I'm at work 5 days a week, I live alone and have no pets, so needless to say I'm quite surprised at what I'm seeing. I call them up, and they tell me there is no warranty from items purchased from the clearance center. I tell them that this is clearly unacceptable that a brand new leather sofa should deteriorate within 8 months of purchase and with minimal use, whether I purchased it from the clearance center, or not - this thing should last 10 years!!..

The leather is junk!!

Well, they were happy to tell me that they don't care. I'm gonna throw this sofa out, and you can bet i won't buy another thing form RTG.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I purchased a seven piece leather red sectional and within 7 months it began to peel. I called customer service and was told there was nothing they could do.

I've called over and over and the warranty is over and the extended warranty only covers spills. I spent over $2,500 for furniture that did not last a year and looks terrible. Customer service is a joke and so is the tech they send out. I was told it was wear and tear, really brand new "leather is wear and tearing after 7 months.

They are a rip off and there should be a class action suite against them. RTG is a shame.

The sad thing is I continue to read about peeling furniture from other unhappy customers. It's not the customers it's the store and their product.


I bought four overstuffed chairs and a love seat at a full-price retail location of RTG, and the leather is total junk. The finish is peeling like a bad sunburn!

It started after about 18 months in small spots, and now after about three years whole sections are like suede now. Not one piece is without peeling.


The quality of their leather is very poor. After spending a few thousand on a sofa, love seat, and chair my furniture began peeling all over after only 4 years.

I will never spend that much again at RTG. Never.


I did NOT purchase my "leather" sofa from the clearance rooms 2 go where i am from, and the same thing is happening to mine. I spent a couple of thousand on the whole set.

We have had many issues with this sofa even in its first year (while it was still under warranty), and even had the loveseat replaced. It has been 3 years and I am still making the payments on it.

Obviously, it is not under warranty anymore. I will never buy from them again.


We were ready to purchase both a full living room as well as a bedroom set. But, after reading all these negative comments regarding the poor qualilty of the furn.

coupled with the poor customer service I am definetely going to shop around.!!!!Who wants to spend thousands of $ on flimsy furn.

Just to be safe I was prepared to get the extended warrenty, but I realize that it too is useless if they refuse to honor the contract. :(


I’m sorry to hear about the issues you are experience with your leather set. While this certainly is not the expected life of our products, we do see that the purchase was made at one of our outlet locations. Items purchased at our Outlet Clearance Centers are sold at a discounted price and are as-is with no warranty or guarantee.


you purchased from the CLEARANCE center. Discounted, as-is final sale. Read your contract.