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I order a leather sofa from room to go. The sofa was delivered unwrap and rip at the bottom with dust and dirty fingerprints where the delivery guys put the hand on.

Before I can say anything to delivery guys about this, they just left and didn't even give anything for me to sign. So I call the customer service to schedule a representative to come and look at it. I never received a call or anything of what time they coming. I missed the call on the schedule day, didn't relied I have a phone call 20 mins later.

Call back against to reschedule and make note for them to call before coming. The second time, they call me and told me they gone to me there in 15 mins (12:30pm). Drop everything from work and ran back home (12:40pm). I waited for the representative for 30 mins (1:20pm).

Call back the phone number that they call me to ask when are they coming because I need to get back to my work place. They told me that they will be here in 30 mins. Since my work place is nearby (5mins from my house), I ran back to work to complete my unfinished work. They call me that they is in front of my house (2:15).

I told the representative that I will be there in 5 mins, 10 mins the latest. Back at home 8 mins after the phone call (2:23pm), no one was here. Call the representative phone number like 10 times, all went to voicemail. Call the customer service, they say that he come, no one was there, so I have to reschedule against.

I was totally pissed. I drop everything from work and waited for them for an hours. Can they just wait 10 mins? Totally unprofessional delivery and sale representative.

Never would buy anything from room to go against.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Sorry to hear about this. We would be happy to help out anyway we can. Would you be able to send us your order info to Tellus@Roomstogo.com?