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I went to the RTG in Stafford, TX Saturday to purchase living room and kid's furniture. The salesman, Terrance, showed me the living room set I saw online. It came with 9 pieces total, including a chair. Terrance said I could purchase the chair that came with the set, or I could upgrade it to a rocking reclining chair they had on sale, and doing that would take $100 off the room total. Purchasing this set also included a 40 inch TV. I told him I wanted it all, and asked how soon they could deliver. He said Wednesday. I told him I needed an evening delivery, as I am a teacher and did not want to miss work to wait all day for the delivery truck. Terrance said that was not a problem, that I would receive a phone call 2 days before the delivery date, and I could request an evening delivery.

I then went next door to kids to go, and purchased bunk beds for my son. When my delivery was being scheduled for the bunk beds, I again asked for the same evening delivery, and was told by this salesman, Lathan, that they do not guarantee delivery times. I replayed the conversation Terrance had with me, and he said that the only call I get regarding the delivery time is from an automated system. There is no live person, and there is no number he could give me to call to speak to a live person regarding delivery. I asked if they could put anything about an evening delivery in the notes, and he said no, I had to take whatever time frame they called me with.

I went back to Terrance to ask him about the evening delivery time, where he admitted it was an automated system, not a live person. I became upset that he had lied over something so *** to make a sale. He then proceeded to tell me that the $100 he said I would save by upgrading was incorrect, and instead my room was going to cost $50 more for the upgrade. I asked him why it would cost more if that particular chair was on sale, and he could not provide me with an answer. I told him to take the upgraded chair off, and put the original chair back on. He can do that, but the original chair was on back order and would not be delivered to me until MAY. We are in February.

I told him I wanted him to do something to knock that $50 off then so that I could get the upgraded chair now VS wait for the one in May. He said he couldn't do anything for me. He then tried selling me fabric protection on the couch, loveseat, and chair, which I said I didn't want. It was an extra $450. He would not take no for an answer, and told me I would have to speak to the manager if I was refusing to purchase the fabric warranty. I told him I didn't care who he brought over, I wasn't spending my money on that. He walked away to go get a manager, and came back a few minutes later stating the manager was too busy.

By this point, I was furious with how I had been treated, and I told him I wanted a refund on everything as I did not appreciate the lies and the lack of customer service I had received. They would not refund my money since I had used my debit card. I would have to wait 2-4 weeks for a check to come from their main office. I had just spent $2,500 on this set and did not have 2-4 weeks to wait, as I needed the money for furniture NOW.

Terrance asks me to let him talk to the general manager and see if he could fix the delivery time. I was told they would email the warehouse and make sure I had an evening time if I would not return the furniture. After much debate, I agreed. As I am leaving the store, Terrance tells me, because he "forgot earlier, my bad" that the TV I got with the set had to be delivered by Best Buy, and would not get to me until 2 weeks AFTER my furniture was delivered.

Monday afternoon Terrance calls me to let me know he was not able to get me the evening delivery time, but instead I would be the first load off the truck. He stated they would be at my house at 7am or a few minutes before. I took a half day off from work.

Wednesday at 6:50am I am waiting for my furniture. 7:30 comes, no furniture. Conveniently enough neither the store nor customer service department is open at this time, so I had no one to call. 8am no truck still. I call customer service, which opens at 8, go through the whole story, and am told that there is no way Terrance would have been able to make me the first drop off the truck, and basically, I have to wait. They couldn't tell me where the truck was or the expected time it would be to me.

At 8:45 am, the truck arrives, 2 hours late.

I call the store on my lunch break at noon to inquire about the bunk bed delivery and get some answers about my delivery concerns from that morning, and Laura tells me she will take my number and have to call me right back. At 4pm, still no return call. I call the store again and speak to Jose, who is rude. He stated to me he was busy helping customers that were in the store, and that I would have to come back to the store if I needed something. I told him I was not driving an hour to ask questions that could be answered over the phone. He again told me he was busy, and that I would have to call back later. I asked him 3 times to transfer me to someone else who wasn't too busy to help me or to a manager, and he refused. When I requested for a 4th time that someone else help me, his response was "I'll transfer you to someone." and then he hung up on me!!!!

I called the joke of a customer service department they have, who simply said they would leave a message for the store manager to call me tomorrow (he was off today). WOW. That was the resolution to everything that had happened to me, to leave a message.

At 7:18pm, Laura, the girl who was supposed to help me at noon, called back to now follow up and address my concerns. I told her I did not need to speak to her, and would talk to the manager tomorrow. Her response was "Go ahead, but I still called you back." Yes, I said, 7.5 hours later. She said, "but I still called back" like she wanted a medal for that.

This store needs a serious lesson in customer service and manners. DO NOT shop RTG in Stafford.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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You have to be careful anywhere you shop where the salesmen get commission. It just encourages underhanded behavior like that.

It's similar to buying a car - you have to pay attention to all the details and question everything that doesn't seem right or you are likely to get screwed. Our salesman tried to charge us $50 more for each cocktail table until I showed him the price sheet.

Then he goes and "checks with the manager". This must be what they all do when they get caught in a lie :)


Practically the same experience at the Baybrook store. We decided on a leather sectional package that included a 50" plasma. Two of the items were on back order so they split the order up into two separate orders (I assume that is so we don't have to wait for the complete order to get the tv)

Anyway - after placing the order the saleman said I have to tell you about the leather protection. I said "go ahead" but if it was ok on the cow for that long - I don' think I need it".

Salesman said that then were required to speak to a manager. I asked - and what is he going to do kick us out of the store for not buying leather protection. You can have him speak to us - but I'll just tell him to FO".

Well apparently the manager was too busy and didn't come over.

We definitely will not buy from this place again - their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Ashley Furniture and Mattress Mac are far more customer oriented


Please file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of West Florida. Maybe if enough peope do this, Rooms to Go will get the message or at least we can do something about the A+ rating they have from the BBB


I bought a living room set from rtg.

The cusions after setting on them for a while lose thier shae and lok really bad.

The sent a tec out and he un zipped the cusions and turned the foam around.

set on them for a while same thing happened

they came out again and suffed them with a sheet of fiber well same thing happened.we called the service dept back and they said they will not do anything more for us. they do not stand behind ther warranty. don't buy nothing from them anyware are you will get ripped off with the *** they sell.


As a follow up, Scott, the manager called me today. He was extremely professional and apologetic.

He did guarantee me an evening delivery for the remainder of my order, as well as refunded my delivery fee. I was very impressed with his attitude, as I expected it to be the same as his employees. If you have any concerns with this store, he is definitely the person to contact.

That store is VERY lucky to have his customer service skills. I would shop RTG again as long as he was there.