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I bought a pillow top bed from rooms to go in 2008. Since then it was recently replaced with a new one in May of 2010 because the mattress pad Rooms to go sold me ($70.00)garnteed that nothing would go through it or they would replace the bed.

Well my 3 year old provide them wrong by having a accident in the middle of the night and it went through the pad on to the mattress. So they replaced the bed with the new one I got in May with no problems. When the new bed came in may which was also a pillow top it was lumpy and did not look right. When this was brought to the attention of the delivery drivers from Rooms to go.

I was informed that it was probably just that way from being in the ware house and would go down after laying on it for awhile. Well I gave it plenty of time and it did not fix itself and looks horrible. I called customer service which is a joke! A service tech came out and said yes there is something wrong with the bed and you will be contacted to reselect a new one.

I went to two different stores to look at beds and no one wanted to help me because they said I purchased it from on line. I called customer service to go over the info on the new bed and they informed me that I will have to pay 100 bucks for the new bed even though the new bed was less. They said it's a restock fee that the manufacture charges and not them. I got the worse service with their customer service and was fighting paying the fee.

Even though it was a problem with the bed from day one I have to now pay the 100 dollars in order to get my new bed. I spoke to a supervisor that was very rude and when I brought up the *** service I got at the stores she told me... well you were not helped because it would be a waste of their time to have helped you! She said because it was an on line order and not in store and she said becuase they would not be making commission off of you.

This blows my mind..

Never buy from rooms to go becuase you will never get any help from their stores or by phone and everyone is rude and they tell you something different each time you call. I called the manufacture and they informed me that they do not charge the restock fee, that would be the stores doing and not there's.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Rooms To Go also lies about when their promotional Best buy gift cards will be activated. The paper they send with the card says wait 5 days and then activate your card.

When you call seeing when its not activated they say it is 5 Buisness days. Still after that they tell you wait 5 more days cause they just received the invoice of your furniture that was delivered 7 days ago. The paper they send you and all explanations on the web site at the time of your order are false advertising and they will not correct their mistakes leaving the consumer to not get everything with their order.

Good job Rooms to Go, I am officially done ordering from you guys as your furniture breaks all the time anyways. Liers!!!


I'm bettig that if you sent them an email with your order details you got the same lies and run around as you did with customer service, etc.

Their 'customer satsifaction' slogan is a joke...that those of us who have been taken by them aren't laughing at.


I bought one of these mattress pads, too ($50 for the full size). However, ours TECHNICALLY worked for a year.

In other words, it did not leak for the first year (9 years shy of the 10 year warranty). I say it technically worked because although it did not leak until after 1 year, it allowed the smell of urine to go through. It was advertised as allowing the mattress to circulate air and they demonstrate how a gel candle can be smelled through it, but the candle does not leak through.

This seemed like a good thing until I realized that although my son's mattress was not stained, it still smelled of urine, which kind of defeats the purpose,as far as I am concerned. We did not have as much difficulty with customer service, although it was far from stellar, and did eventually get our mattress replaced, as well as a new mattress pad, which I will not use.


I understand your frustration, and am sorry to hear about the problems you had with the mattress set. If you can email us your order details at, we can then look further into your request.