Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Do not buy anything from Rooms to go! They are such a joke and have horrible customer service!!!!!

My husband and I bought furniture from them about a year ago and are still having problems with our furniture. Every piece of furniture came damaged and took several weeks to be replaced and there are seperate delivery fees for each delivery. They will bring one piece at a time to make more money off of's a crying shame that they get away with this!! Once you purchase the furniture, they will never deal with you again.

Our sales guy's name was Dennis at the Baton Rouge, LA location on Seign Lane...horrible service and feeds you a line of BS. Please listen from not purchase anything from any Rooms to go!!!!!!!

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I totally agree with I have had a terrible experience over the past weeks trying to get my kid's furniture delivered. i finally got the truth out of the store and corporate office and have cancelled my order. NEVER TO DO BUSINESS WITH RTG AGAIN and TO LET ALL MY WORKERS and FRIENDS know NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.....CHEERS :( :x


Rooms to go is a fraudulent company that hides behind its' 2 billion dollar revenue and corporate lies. IT DOES NOT PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE as I just experienced today after purchasing over $4000. dollars and half of it broken when delivered. When I called the corporate call center, the female said she was at the corporate office, when I asked if she knew the names of the two Owners or CEO she could not answer me. She gave me another date out in Jan to re-deliver, what a joke!

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY and also Consider Joining in a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!! More to follow

Pissed of Consumer and Will NEVER buy or recommend ROOMS TO GO!!!! :(


You should not be charged for each delivery and you should expect to receive your delivery as scheduled. We apologize for your dissatisfaction and would really like to look at the details of your purchase. Will you please email us at with your purchase details?