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Rooms To Go comprises both the worst quality furniture and inept customer service. I bought a really nice L-shaped couch for about 1500$ in January of 2007. For that kind of price, I had expected it to last but the saleswoman urged me to spend another 200$ on an extended 3 year warranty for the fabric, so I purchased that as well.

I live alone and seldom even use my couch...I sit in the living room maybe once a week. Within having the couch for a few months, I noticed serious wear on the cushions: they were noticeably sunken in and sagging. Finally a technician came out and said it was normal wear and tear. Nothing they could do. I also found out that my extended warranty only covered food and beverage spills.

I still was not pleased because my less than a year old couch had signs of serious wear from being poorly manufactured. So another technician came out and he said the same thing. I reiterated that this couch does not even GET WEAR, I DON'T SIT ON IT. So he put some foam underneath and that helped somewhat.

A few months ago my boyfriend spilled a full glass of coca-cola on the couch cushion. I tried to get the stain out immediately, but it wouldn't come out. I called customer service and finally had a technician come out (they cancelled on me several times)and tried cleaning the stain, but he couldn't get it all up.

I called customer service again and they are now telling me that my extended warranty is null and void because my couch has signs of wear and usage. What? Seriously?

I am going into the RTG showroom this weekend and raising ***. I'm livid.

Damage Resulting = 1500$ gone down the drain.

I was conned into buying a warranty for food and beverage spills that is voided as soon as you actually use the furniture.

So now I'm stuck with a less than 2 year old couch with a huge coca-cola stain on it despite the fact that I had purchased a fabric protection warranty in the event that something like this happened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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READ THE PAPERWORK THAT IS GIVEN TO YOU AT THE SALES SITE!!! Fabric protection Programs are not the same as Extended Warranties.

Just to be a Devil's Advocate, RTG might argue that since you did not get the replacement of the sofa when you wanted it and...after finally reading your fabric plan you made sure that the sofa would get a stain that is not cleanable in order to get the replacement... Eh?