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My parents live in Houston and were visiting me in New Orleans for the Christmas holiday; I recently moved into my first apartment without roommates and am lacking quite a bit of furniture. My parents decided to buy me some living room furniture as my Christmas gift.

My mother and I went to Rooms To Go the day after Christmas and purchased a Cindy Crawford couch and table for my living room. They were slotted to be delivered this morning (12/31/09). I had no problems with the salesman, he was nice, knowledgable, and kept his distance until we were ready to talk to him.

I recieved a call at 8:30 am telling me they would be here soon to deliver my furniture. A young man knocked on my door and asked me to point out where I would like the sofa. Ten minutes later there is another knock on my door, it's the same young man, "It won't fit on the elevator." He then asked if I would like to come down and see, of course I would. The three delivery men told me there was no way to get it up to my apartment. I inquired about the stairs, which I have seen numerous couches from other furniture stores go up, and was told four flights was just far too many. It probably didn't help that the "delivery men" were about my size (I stand 5'3"). They pack up the couch and go about their way. I am skeptical on how hard they actually tried, considering it was no time at all to decide it would not fit.

That is not even what really gets me angry. I went back to the store this after the failed delivery and asked to speak to a manager, my father who paid for the furniture (and as an engineer felt that there was a way to get the couch up) was not happy and wanted me to tell them either we got the couch we paid for or we wanted a full refund. The secretary/billing lady/I'm not sure what she was, paged the manager several times to no avail. I waited 45 minutes and the manager, "Mike", never materialized. Finally, I was helped by a woman who said she was from the "vice-president's office." She gave me my refund but took no real interest in trying to remedy the situation. After hearing a lady, also waiting to speak with the alleged Mike, complaining about the shoddy workmanship of her furniture it is probably for the best.

I am also returning the table, which came packed flat in a box. I am sure I can get the same quality table (packaged the same way!) for half the cost from Ikea.

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