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my wife and I went into rooms to go to purchase a new entertainment center for our new 60" flat screen television.. we found one..had a representitive with us..

but he was called away to the office for some reason or another.. he ended up assisting another family, and we waited for over an hr.. my wife and i got pissed.. because each time we seen him..

he would say.. wait 10 more min..which took 45 min.. we waited an hr.. pissed and hungry..

we left with a mgr calling behind us.. that she or someone else would help us.. my wife wanted none of this.. so we came back another day..

got another rep..and bought the furniture we wanted.. we set up delivery for that Friday.. between 10 am. - 2 pm., no show for deliver's, customer service called to see if they came..

we said no.. the deliver's called 15 min. later and said they would be there in 20 min... which took another 45 min..

they got here and put together one of two of our side shelves ( the entertainment center was one whole piece), but the other, they did not have the hardware (screws and what not) for the other one. they said they would call in and have a tech bring out the hardware and he would install shelves (first lie), we called .. so the next day we went up to the showroom were we purchased the furniture from and spoke to the rep..she took us to the office. we spoke with a mgr, and he informed us that he would give us something off the price..

but customer service was off at the time. so he would have to call on monday.. we waited and called customer service just to verify.. (2nd lie), now we have to wait 10 day for the hardware to come thru the mail, and than we have to call customer service and setup another schedule for there tech to come out and get this done..

way too much for a customer to be doing.. and there isn't a corporate number to call and complain.. we have made previous purchase at that site.. with no issue(s)..

but now.. we are rethinking about going back there.. and after seeing all the complaints..

i will not be recommending anyone to go there.. for fear of loosing friendship if they get the same run around..

Monetary Loss: $977.

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