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Its clear that when you said "Ive seen grown men come in the store yelling and screaming" that you are a rooms to go salesman. We have every right to be upset when we buy furniture and *** work all day to wait for it and miss a days income and get it late and it's the wrong piece or the wrong color or broken and then we have to miss work again and again and again.

No refunds to. I think its offensive that you refer to us as spoiled lazy cry baby Americans. Hmmmm……a non american salesman that works at rooms to go…..Go f***in home then. Maybe anybody that does shop there in the future wont buy from people that look like there from another country because you don't have respect for the American customers.

"crevate emptor"…here in America we have laws that protect customers. you shouldn't be selling defective products and lying to customers about the quality and slammin us with warranties that we don't want and its clear rooms to go does not honor them. We have the federal trade commission, the attorney general and class action attorneys.

I guess were you from people don't have rights. You probably stone women and throw acid in there faces.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Rooms to Go products aare simply expensive disposable furniture. It doesn't last as long as their long term financing. Do not buy their worthless warranties either.


Agree RTG worse for customer Svc related to delivery - to a point You Do Not pick your delivery date- I tried by giving them a 9 day notice- they couldn't / wouldn't - then requested a certain time frame for next date choice- was told they will try- call came with a totally different time - asked for supr- hard to get - guess they feel important by being unavailable - when they don't deliver on Sunday and you can't get what you request on Saturday, then yes you have to *** from work and lose your time/ pay- I know many other big companies that deliver on Sundays and when YOU the customer asks! That's why it is called customer Svc! Too many stores competing for your money -will never shop ROoms to go again - worse publicity is word of mouth!!!!!!


Did you read the receipt when you purchased your furniture to make sure that the color, style was correct? You say that you missed a whole day of work to take the furniture, so why did you pick that date.

I have purchased from RTG before, the customer picks the date, not the salesperson. If you knew that you were not going to be home, why did you pick that date to begin with?

Yes, I agree that you shouldn't get broken furniture but at the end of the day, it's just furniture and I am sure that it can either be fixed or replaced. No reason to go into a store upset at the salesperson. They didn't deliver the furniture, they didn't load it on the trucks.

Give them a break...they want to make you happy.

Totally understand the fustration as my son had a dresser broken and they exchanged it. Take a deep isn't worth it.


I've always felt that if you want to be taken seriously, you should use words in the correct context and spell them correctly... Caveat emptor is correct.


No, but I am in sales, just really sick of people slamming what I do for a living.Read and listen people to what your sales people tell you. time frames for delivery.

Delivery at your home in a certain time period usually means you dont to the mall get your hair cut and get ice cream.

It means stay home and wait for your order. Most things happen because a none clear understanding between what is said by the salesman and what the customer perceives based on their own past experiences.


Quit crying baby. It's amazing how all those commissions have no problem with Rooms to go and not one class action can stick to rooms to go.

No, just a bunch of spoiled brats.

And I'm not from another country. Born and raised in the good ol' U.S.of A.