Austin, Texas
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Just 1 week before the memorial day, we went looking for a TV console and liked one. I told the sales person that I will be back during the sale to see any discount is there.

She said that "don't worry about it we match the price if there is a discount during the sale and for up to 2 months". We bought it. Now I saw their sales flier which had a coupon for 25% off on all TV consoles. Upon inquiring, the manager says their price match does not include coupons and only the price going down is matched.

He is so rude. Also the delivered console is so badly damaged, that it is waiting to be replaced, hopefully with one in good shape.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I am going through the same thing! I will have to go through the BBB if no one responds to my complaint!


This is a little disappointing to read, we recently purchased an item and it is selling at a lower price at another retail store. We are told we have to bring the paper in with proof, there is no paper, the other store is just lower. Thanks for the tip about BBB helping, we might have to go that route.


I got this resolved by a complaint to BBB and got response that RTG will honor the price match.


Jk001- If possible, please email me your order information at Once I have this information, I can further look into your experience and concerns.