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I would like to share comments about how poor of an experience my husband and I had with our recent order at Rooms to Go. We shopped online for a few weeks narrowning down a few living room sets that we wanted to see in person.

We went to several stores, found sets and prices that we liked. We eventrually went to Rooms to Go and found a set that was the perfect color, style and price we were looking for. Once we started asking the sales person about the purchasing process, we were met with complete infelexibility. Is there a discount for putting the purchase on a Rooms to Go card?

No. Can we swap out the pillows on the set? No. Can we have it delivered tomorrow?

No. Is there free delivery? No. These are all questions that we heard YES from all the other stores we visited.

But we loved the set, so we bit the bullet and started the buying process. The salesperson kept pushing the fabric protection even though we told him "no" several times (we've purchased several of these in the past, never used them, and concluded that we didn't need to spend the money on it again). We were then told we would have to talk to a manager since we refused to buy the protection. So they basically wanted to bully us into buying it.

We still didn't. Even though the product was in stock, we had to wait 5 days for it to deliver in the middle of the week, so my husband had to take a day off. One positive is that the delivery driver called when they were 15 minutes away, which I appreciated. After the product was delivered we decided that we needed an additional ottoman.

We didn't purchase it with our original order because we were told if it's delivered, there are no returns. We didn't know if it would fit in our space and didn't want to have an unusable ottoman that we couldn't return if it didn't fit. My husband called and said he wanted to order the ottoman and he would drive to the distribution center to pick it up. The salesperson said that he could neither order nor check stock over the phone and that my husband would have to go into the store to order.

He then said that he couldn't pick it up the same day either. He would have to drive to the store to place the order then go back however many days later to actually pick it up or pay the $100+ delivery fee and take another day off since they won't deliver on Saturdays. He finally went into the store ordered the ottoman and even thought it's in stock, we can't pick it up for another 5 days. I will NEVER purchase from Rooms to Go ever again.

We are in the market to look for 2 rooms of children's furniture and will absolutely take our business elsewhere.

Luckily Room to Go had the product that I wanted because it wasn't the buying experience that gave them my business. It was the buying experience that will never bring me back.

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We are sorry to hear about your recent experience with your purchase. At Rooms To Go we strive to offer our customer’s the best pricing, value and quality from the moment you walk into our showroom. We give our products the lowest possible price up front so that everyone can enjoy them. Most times in retail when a retailer is offering “giveaways” or incentives after you purchase, the price for these incentives is built into the price of other products you purchase. We do not feel this is an honorable way to conduct business and believe customers feel better about knowing exactly what they are paying for.

We do believe that the store should have handled some of the situations much better than you described. We do not tolerate our sales staff trying to “push” the fabric protection warranty onto the customer. Should a customer wish not to purchase this coverage, they should respect their wishes. They should have also been able to check the availability of the ottoman over the phone. But, for security reasons, they would still have required for someone to come into the store in order to make the purchase.

If you would like to email us your order details to tellus@roomstogo.com, we will be sure to address this experience with the appropriate personnel.