Greenville, South Carolina
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Rooms to go advertises furniture at a certain price and then refuses to sell at that price.

Step one - see sectional advertised for 788.

Step two - phone store, make sure it is in stock. Speak with Rebecca.

Step three - hook up trailer, make sure I have money, drive to store.

Four - Find Rebecca, find sectional, decide to buy it.

Five - Rebecca refuses to sell it to us unless we pay for "fabric protection" and delivery.

Six - Find manager (he admits to being ex used car salesman) He agrees to let me buy without fabric protection, but must deliver. I can drive to Atlanta or Charlotte to pick up (from Greenville, SC).

Seven - I surprise him by agreeing to drive to Charlotte. He says find a salesperson to write it up.

Eight - Next salesperson refuses to sell to me at all.

Nine - Next salesperson says I can go pick it up in Charlotte, but I must pay 2.5% more sales tax.

I finally leave. I will never return. What is so hard about being honest?

Rich Regan

Lyman, SC

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Rooms to go is a very unethical company that refuses to stand by their products. I purchased a leather 3 piece sectional for $4,200 three years ago and within 1 month the head area of both recliners chairs started peeling very bad.

My wife and I only seat in these recliners about 4 hours a day, I am working on my computer all day and my wife attends school.

This is abnormal wear and a quality defeat but I was told Rooms to Go would give me $880 if I purchased an equivalent product for $4,200 which means it would cost me $3,400 to use the furniture for 3 years DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? I own a Toyota that has leather seats and is 15 years old with 240,000 miles and the leather doesn't have one area that is peeling.


I must agree with Rich, I will never go back to that sorry store again. They make everything so complicated.

My salesman failed to inform me that there is no returns on anything. After we placed the order, the very next business day I called him up and said that I want to cancel one item. He told me that there was nothing he could do, and that it was already locked in. How can it be already locked in when the goods were still at the distribution center.

He also failed to inform me that you have a 48 hrs cancellation grace period.

I told him that I was going to make it real easy for the both of us and that I would like to cancel my order. Within an hour he called me back and was able to remove the selected item that we didn't want anymore.

The customer service at this place definitely failed my expectations.



Stop embarassing the company you are trying to defend.


SELF EDUCATED JENNIFER - never before have I seen such first grade level writing by someone who spends so much time calling others uneducated or "not smart". I guess ignorance is certainly bliss.


OK what i mean by self educated is i also did my homework before shopping and buying. u think ur so smart that rtg screwed u.

BUT when dealing with stubid people like they just need to come way down to your level. yes in stock - yes it is in our warehouse but to keep rtg prices low there are only a handful of warehouse, hence delivery!!! and why would the price have delivery inculed if u can pick up from warehosue???? common sense delivery cost!

and as far as the tax rate goes where it is being delivered is what the tax will be charge so if u are picking up u have to pay the tax of that area. if u where buying something off the floor(ex: disco chair) u would pay the tax rate of where that store is but if u where going to buy a chair in stock (in stock means in warehouse ;) ) and your house is in a county that the tax ratio is 2.5 more quess what u have to pay the tax rate!!! and as far as not wanting fabric protection the sale person was doing u a favor because at this point they know u a pain in the *** and if u refuse the protection they also know if u have a promble and know one can help u because u did not protect u will take it out on the sales person and it is not worth it.

so they where all honest they just did not know how un-educated u where so next time do your self a favor and when u call (this goes for any purchase) explain how u are on the 1st grade level and to explian everything to you like u where a 6 year old. and GRRRRRRRRR u must be one of those sue happy people, well dont waste ur time sueing rtg for theey are completely debt free and own every thing rtg owns therefore if u sue u will run out of money for no good reason!


Sounds like Grrrrrrrrrr is trying to drum up some business. There is no ambulance to chase here..


contact attorney Brian Gudmundson at 800.755.0098. He is with Zimmerman Reed law firm. And contact your attorney general for your state.


Tasha -- I think you missed the point and go straight on the attack ("you must be a little kid" 1) SCyardman wanted to do a customer pickup (hence the trailer) and not have to pay for the overpriced delivery. 2) He had to pay 2.5% MORE sales tax than the sales tax he was already paying due to the location of the distribution center.


Well you must be a little kid because an adult knows that the price is the price without sales and delievery. You have to pay extra for deliverly.