Reston, Virginia
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I purchased a Simmons Beauty Rest king firm mattress in 2003, which had a 10 year warranty. In 2008 it was found defective and I was forced to upgrade to another mattress which cost me an additional 183.37.

They sent me the wrong mattres which was a plush instead of a firm that I ordered. I had to back to the store AGAIN to pick out another mattress, which was a Sealy king firm mattress that cost another 318.36. Within 6 months it was found defective and they swapped out this mattress with the exact same mattress which was just as bad an defective as the original Sealy. It to was found defective.

Yesterday 6/8/10 I went back to RTG and was forced to pay another 315.86 for a new Simmons Beauty Rest firm mattress, in which 100.00 of that fee was for delivery fee. After calculating the charges from 2003 to yesterday I have paid 817.23 for defective mattresses and 877.00 for the original purchase in 2003 which included a 10 year gaurantee for the mattress. I tried to speak with the manager Greg on 3 occasions and he refused to bargain with me. I have been forced to upgrade and pay for defective/discontinued mattresses from RTG Ft.

Myers store. I feel cheated that RTG could not just swap out the mattress (the original mattress from 2003) since it was gauranteed for 10 years. I can't believe I am responsible for paying a delivery fee, exspecially when they continue to make errors and sell defective discontinued mattresses. This is now the 5th mattress I wanted them to refund my money in full, swap out my mattress with no fee, or give me some kind of refund check for all the money I have invested in my mattress.

RTG will not help resolve the problem, so I have filled a complaint with the BBB and may seek an attorney. I don't want anyone else to go through what I have.

From my experience with RTG Ft. Myers I discourage anyone from ever stepping foot in their buisness.

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