Austin, Texas

Terrible shopping experience with the Austin Rooms To Go. First of all, the salesman told us we could trade the Best Buy gift card that was to be used to get a free TV with our purchase for a RTG store credit as long as we made the trade prior to delivery of our furniture. When we went in to make the trade (prior to delivery), we were told that no change could be made, so we are stuck with the Best Buy gift card.

Then we received two messages that our delivery time was 8 am - noon. However, the deliverymen showed up at 7:10. Customer Service's response was: When the winow is 8 am - noon, they can show up any time between 7 am and 10 pm. That is just a window....

The worst of all, however, is that the deliveryman informed us that parts of our bed were missing. He said it looked like the box had been opened, parts removed, and then the box resealed. We now have been told that we cannot use our bed and must wait two days for the missing (essential) parts. This is totally unacceptable, but the Customer Service Manager I spoke with offered us no other alternative. The ONLY solution they have is for us to sleep on the floor for two nights until they can deliver the missing parts and finish the assembly. They seem to think it is perfectly accceptable to deliver a previously opened box, with missing parts for a bed, which cannot be slept in.

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I had just about settled on a "package" living room set but after reading the complaints, I have entirely changed my mind. Also, beware that newspaper ads of the "set" and what is in the showroom are different.

They put in a coffee table that is similar but not like the one in the ad. Of course, the one placed in the grouping is an upgrade.

The same goes for lamps and/or chairs. I think I'd rather go with individual pieces at higher end stores and pay more than suffer the aggravation of broken, low-quality furniture being delivered then having to go throutgh the ordeal of RTG making things right.


I’m so sorry to hear about your recent purchase and delivery and would surely like to help anyway that we can! Please email us your order details to Once we have this information we can then take a closer look into the situation!