Buford, Georgia
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In the market for a sofa. went to one RTG by Perimeter mall and the sales people accost you before you completely enter the store.

They are very pushy and it was a bad distraction. Did not make a purchase there. Went to the RTG in Duluth recently. The sales person there was friendly and did not get in our faces.

We were able to shop at our pace. We settled on a sofa and just prior to making the charge, made mention of the "fabric protection". I indicated that, no, I was not interested. We left the register to go look at a couple more things then got back to him to complete the sale.

Once drawing up the charges, he automatically put the $60 fabric protection charge on the sale. Me and the Mrs discussed for a while whether we wanted this, and the sales guy got real pushy and irritated about it then and did all but call us *** for thinking of opting out. We relented and made the purchase with the protection (they said that the scotch guard would be applied to the furniture when we picked it up at the warehouse). After leaving the store, we went to a fabric store and saw the scotch guard costs about six dollars.

I promptly went back to the store and demanded that they remove this charge from the purchase. They brought me to the manager, but he relented pretty quickly. When I picked up the sofa the next day, it was crowded and I noticed that they did not scotch guard anyobody's furniture.

I suppose all the furniture or none of the furniture is scotch guarded prior to it getting to the warehouse, or by some miracle, the 15 people ahead of me at the warehouse all opted out of the fabric protection plan....or the most likely scenario, it's just a big scam for extra revenue. This is the last piece of furniture I will buy from RTG.

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I’m sorry to hear about your recent experience at one of our showroom locations. The fabric protection warranty is a great service for its value.

Not only is the furniture have the fabric protection applied prior to delivery or pick up (this is done and then rewrapped to prevent dirt or dust during transit), but it also protects the piece from food or beverage stains for a period of three years. The behavior of the showroom staff does need to be addressed and if you could provide me the order information to tellus@roomstogo.com, I would be more than happy to share this experience with their offices so that we can better serve our customers in the future.