Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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Rooms to Go is terrible. We have had 3 bad experiences now and I will tell you this will be the last one.

Here was our problem: our last issue was that we purchased a sectional couch - Cindy Crawford microfiber - by the second day buttons were falling off the pillows so we called costumer service ( such a run around) finally they send someone out to fix the pillows and it happened again the next week so called again then a few day later again we finally quit calling and dealt with it because of the hassle. Less then a year of owning the couch the back section of all of the pieces started peeling off. We called and they pretty much told us they can't help us.... we kept sending emails and photos of this so they finally decided to credit us 623.00 for a 3,000.00 couch since then we threw it away because it had deteriorated so badly.

The credit they gave us had to be used at the store so since we had this credit we decided to go to the store. We picked out a new sectional we signed the paperwork and scheduled the delivery. Today was the delivery, the driver called me at 1:00 pm and said I will be there in 30 mins I told him the delivery is scheduled between 3-7 and I was currently at work, he told me they were running ahead of schedule and couldn't do the later time so I canceled my meetings and went home, while waiting for the delivery for over an hour I finally called him back and asked where they were he replied 15 min away... The finally show up at 2:50.

They came up to the house and said they were there to pick up a couch I replied I have no idea what you are talking about so he went outside and talked on the phone then came back in and said we are leaving since you don't have a couch for us. I was immediately angered about this and called the salesman Eric, he looked at our paperwork and said I don't know what they are talking about then a few mins later he said "oh in order for us to give you your credit for your defective couch we need to take it with us" I was then even more angry I told him are you kidding me? I told you I threw the couch away a long time ago. I told you this when we purchased this so the delivery crew left with our couch I was very angry at this point so I called back to the store and asked to talk to the manager so David got on the phone and told me I had two choices pay the 623.00 or they would refund me the money I paid for the couch I said are you kidding me so he said if I pay the balance online I will get the driver back there.

Now I am feeling like I have been screwed in so many ways but have no furniture so I go online at 4:00 pm and pay the 623.00 so we can have a couch and not have to wait 2 more weeks going elsewhere or reschedule so I go back to my house and wait for the driver and 5:30 rolls around still no driver so I call the store and left a message for David to call me.

30 mins later he called back and said sorry they can't come back today even though There are still hours left in our delivery window and I can't do anything for a few days it will be 7-10 days before we can re- deliver now I am really pissed off. Terrible service all around and I feel we were deceived by our salesperson they did and said whatever they needed to secure the sale.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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